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KA-CHOW! The "Cars" from the 2015 Pixar Motorama

Pixar has built its company on telling incredible stories about the passion of life. Whether it’s people (The Incredibles, Up), animals (Ratatouille, A Bugs Life) or even inanimate objects (Toy Story, Cars) the Pixar family finds a way to reach into your heart and tap into your emotions to provide a truly unique theatre experience. Developing this kind of quality isn’t by accident. An environment, in which Pixar encourages employees to embrace their own individual passions as well, fosters the creativity, imagination and talent required to produce each movie. IMG_2977_vader There's an event that takes place annually at their headquarters, called the “Pixar Motarama”, featuring employee cars and a host of unique vehicles that would excite any car enthusiast. The day is strictly for employees and family, and is an opportunity to spend time enjoying good food and great cars with each other. IMG_2776_trinity For 15 years (prior to the development of the actual Cars movie) Pixar has put this event on for its car enthusiast employees, which turns out to be…a good amount of them. The event gradually grew and soon, manufacturers were providing sneak peeks of cars (in 2013 they had the only 991 GT3 in North America as well as the Tesla Model X SUV) and notable car enthusiasts such as Jay Leno were offering cars up to showcase. IMG_2936_mbz Here's the new Mercedes AMG GTS sitting in front of the main building on campus, the Steve Jobs Building. IMG_2940_concept_2 This isn't a concept car you see everyday: the Chevrolet 2015 Chaparral 2XVGT, straight from Gran Turismo 6. It's laser powered...yes, freaking lasers. IMG_2950_concept_1 If you've seen the movie Tron, think of this as a four wheeled light cycle. The driver lays on his stomach and that rear shows off where the laser powered engine "exits" the vehicle. IMG_2735_r8 On the other side of the entranceway was the final edition of Audi's flagship supercar, the 2015 Audi R8 Competition. This vehicle was supplied directly from Audi North America. IMG_2905_mc1_f Facing the building, under Luxo (the character that helped launch Pixar's success) was the Holy Trinity, that's the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and the Ferrari La Ferrari...and it's the only location I've ever seen all three in one place. (See a UK sighting of this Trinity in an earlier Driving Line article, HERE.) IMG_2914_918_1 The three hypercars were quite popular to say the least, below the 918 Spyder is showing off its deep GT Silver paint.


Not nearly as menacing as the P1's rear wing, the 918 Spyder's wing still provided some aerodynamic drama amongst the three. IMG_2831_918_3 Welcome to the age of "hybrid" logos on hypercars. IMG_2907_laf2 Not to be left out, the priciest and most reclusive of the three - the LaFerrari was showcased directly under the Luxo lamp. IMG_2793_laf2 Draped in triple F1 red metallic, this is not your normal "Ferrari" red. Perhaps we'll see some variation of the Holy Trinity in Cars 3? We'll have to wait until 2016 to find out.< IMG_2887_dh_4 Not restricted to modern cars obviously, the Motorama hosts an incredible amount of classics as well. It's easy to see how inspirational these old school lines can be. IMG_2679_dh_3 High arching segregated fenders along with those wire mesh wheels, completely period correct and perfect character for this 1937 Delahaye. The kids approve. IMG_2686_dh_1 With a 225HP V12 (That was a lot in 1937) the Delahaye was the first French made car to beat the German and Italian speed record around the Autodrome De Montlhery. IMG_2844_e For the JDM fans (I told you there's something for everyone!), check out this VIP Style Lexus GS with a Job Design kit that's been dropped with an Accuair suspension on Rotiforms. IMG_2857_E_1 Definitely not static. Love the tuck on that rear fender. IMG_2848_e_air Displayed immaculately in the trunk is are the Accuair air suspension components. Gorgeous hardaware. IMG_2629_miura_1 Also lowered, but not on air, was this '69 Lamborghini Miura P400S. We recently shared a rare sighting of a Miura Roadster here on Driving Line, see it HERE. IMG_2861_miura_4 Those Bertone styled lines still show up in automotive language to this day. IMG_2645_miura_3 For you young kids, these are called "louvers". IMG_2868_miura_4 Another foreshadowing of Cars inspiration perhaps? Eyelashes on the headlights? IMG_2606_959_1 Opposite the Miura, was a car that 20 years later would set records all on its own, the legendary Porsche 959. IMG_2616_959_2 Next to its later competitor, the Ferrari F40 - the pearl white 959 looks as if it's playing the role of an angel versus the Ferrari red devil. IMG_2657_90s_1 The wings of this time period were fixed, but still supplied suitable downforce compared to the theatrics of the holy trinity. IMG_2667_f40_2 This particular F40 was sporting aftermarket Kinesis wheels with factory centerlock. IMG_2672_959_3 Even the pearl white of the 959 couldn't hide the massive front and rear flares required for traction on the twin turbo beast. IMG_2773_camaro Remember how I mentioned sneak peeks? Here's the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro in the flesh. GM just released the official order guide about a day ago. IMG_2954_spares Looking for something to cover up that spare tire on your Jeep? Checkout these cool custom Pixar movie themed covers created by the husband of an employee; can you name all the films? IMG_2964_gsoda My personal favorite, if you haven't seen Up! you're missing out... IMG_2892_ducati Employee bikes were on hand as well, since any mode of employee transportation is welcome at the Motorama. A very clean 2006 Ducati Sport Classic 1000. IMG_2896_Y_1 A 2014 Yamaha YZF-R1 - this bike brought back a bunch of memories, as I'm a YZF fan back from when I first started driving. Each year, the Pixar Motorama strives to unite employee automotive passion with its families and co-workers in a casual, creative environment. As you can see 2015 was no slouch as well, its main highlights being: the Holy Trinity of hypercars: the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari LaFerrari; two of the '90's most venerable supercars: the Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40; as well as a full 1:1 scale of Hot Wheels' latest creation, the Darth Vader Car.

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