Lights Out at Indiana Rallycross 2014

Indiana Rallycross recently hosted their final installment of 2014 and decided to go out with a bang.

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Racing in the first weekend of November in rural Indiana, you can be assured the nights will be cold. However, the racing was hot.

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Indiana Rallycross (IRC) officially started in 2013, however, the young group of promoters were plagued with timing, scoring, and financial issues. Instead of pressing on with the complicated scoring, IRC decided to scale back the rules in 2014 and simply enjoy some good ol’ racing that would appeal to everyone.

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IRC certainly did this by arranging a few simple classes, asking drivers to race clean and declaring the fastest time per class as winner. This proved to be a success with the help of 2014 season sponsor Tom Woods Subaru who provided IRC with the timing system along with other help throughout the year. Drivers had a great year of racing and nothing but positive remarks could be heard.

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With two full successful seasons now under the belts of IRC’s promoters, conversations for next season are nothing less than exciting. After talking to Danny Phillips and Nate Ellis, I can assure you that they have been working harder than ever to create a 2015 season that will be remembered for a long time.

Listening to what the racers want and like, coupled with what works for the series, Phillips and Ellis have made some important decisions for next season, which I've been allowed to release to you here on DrivingLine...

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2015 IRC season will be kicking off with a snow cross no-points event! With the racing being held in the unpredictable Midwest, this event will come with short notice in late-January to February time frame. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Also coming in 2015 could be dedicated land used exclusively for IRC. This means having the ability to change the terrain and track layout for each event to keep things fresh, with dedicated spectator areas, vendor areas and bathrooms (we can hope at least)!

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With the snow cross being added, IRC's 2015 season looks to tack on 9 events, meaning racing every month. This would include what could be the highlight event of the season – an exhibition event modeled closely to Global Rallycross.

What fun would it be to stop there? Having learned what it takes to put on a season of action-packed racing that is competitive and fun, it's time to add in more sponsor prizes, cash awards and trophies. If that all doesn't convince you to start wrenching on your junk to prepare for next season, hopefully a stage rallycross event spanning multiple properties and many miles will entice you. Or possibly a return of a high-speed night race?

My advice to you, Mr. Rallycross Racer... stay tuned for more details at

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