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Living the Aircooled Life at Luftgekühlt 2016

I jokingly call it "#aircooledlife", a hashtag I defer to whenever a buddy's car doesn't start or leaks oil. However, there's no denying the fever that's become Luftgekühlt. Aircooled 911s are the new, hot thing, sorta; I actually wrote about The Rise of the Aircooled a couple years back. I'm not entirely sold on it yet, but the tide has already started to turn. 

drivingline 2016 luftgekuhlt albert roxas 03

drivingline 2016 luftgekuhlt albert roxas 04

This past weekend I spent my Sunday living the #aircooledlife with a couple of good friends, illustrator extraordinaire, Jon Sibal and his RWB 964, and RSTRADA and his 993 Carrera RS (unobtanium, Google it, seriously). We made the journey up to downtown LA for the third Luftgekühlt, an event that's grown in strides thanks to Patrick Long and Howie Idelson (and a ton of Porsche fanatics), and pays tribute to all of Porsche's aircooled models, ranging from the Pre-A 356 to the 993. To say it was a success is a huge understatement...

drivingline 2016 luftgekuhlt albert roxas 11

drivingline 2016 luftgekuhlt albert roxas 33

Held at Modernica, a well-known contemporary furniture manufacturer, every aircooled Porsche was well represented, even some watercooled. Highlights of the day included the 993 GT2s and the two other 993 Carrera RS models we found, along with an amazing 959S from Canepa.

drivingline 2016 luftgekuhlt albert roxas 05

drivingline 2016 luftgekuhlt albert roxas 12

It's evident that the passion for aircooled Porsches is alive and well, and my friends are always anxiously trying to get me to come over to the dark side. I may have to soon...


Check out more photos from Luftgekühlt 2016 in the gallery below.


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