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Loren Healy Wins the 2014 King of the Hammers

IMG_1044 Loren Healy, driver of the #67 ATX Wheels/Nitto Tire buggy, has officially been declared the winner of the 2014 King of the Hammers. He defeated fellow Nitto Tire driver, Derek West, by one minute and ten seconds, marking the closest finish in the event's history. Healy was also able to give Nitto Tire their first King of the Hammers victory with the Trail Grappler K-Spec. We'll have continuing coverage well into the evening. Update: Derek West was later penalized 25 minutes for bypassing the Elvis obstacle. The added time dropped Derek from 2nd to 5th in the overall standings. Unofficial Results as of 9:00PM PST: Place Name # Final 1 LOREN HEALY 67 08:03:25 2 TONY PELLEGRINO 4485 08:18:42 3 BILL BAIRD 5252 08:23:37 4 JAKE HALLENBECK 4775 08:27:29 5 DEREK WEST 4420 08:29:34 6 RICK MOONEYHAM 554 09:01:10 7 TOM WAYES 321 09:05:21 8 ALEX HARDAWAY 4481 09:08:42 9 RANDY SLAWSON 4448 10:03:43 10 ANDREW MCLAUGHLIN4493 10:23:17 IMG_1060 IMG_1107
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