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LS Fest West 2018 [Gallery]

Ever since the introduction of the LS engine in the late ’90s, people have been taking advantage of building vehicles that feature this next generation of GM small block. Once word of the potential these engines had got out, the aftermarket industry launched a heavy wave of products designed to unlock the full power of the LS. It didn’t take long for many to see the benefits of a reliable, powerful and most importantly, small V8 engine—making it one of the most commonly swapped-in engines across the globe.

LS Fest West

Holley Performance, who is one of the biggest suppliers of anything you can bolt on top, underneath and around your LS engine, realized that a following of that size certainly deserves its own celebration. Enter LS Fest. Held annually in two locations across the country, LS Fest East in Bowling Greene, Kentucky, and LS Fest West in Las Vegas, Nevada, bring enthusiasts of all different sectors together in celebration of anything LS-powered. LS Fest West brings an array of vehicles to compete in several events including drag racing, auto-x, show-n-shine, off-road short course and even some good-old fashioned tire destructive tomfoolery with The Hoonigans. No matter what you’re driving, there’s an event for you at LS Fest West. Remember—there’s only one rule. It must be powered by an LS-based engine.

LS Fest West Loren Healy

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