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Luck of the Draw: "Sinister" Rat Rod

KWP_5495 This project, in Vern Taylor's own words, "Just came together." Nicknamed "Sinister" by a close friend, there's not really any better way to describe it... except lucky. "Lucky" because Vern had the vision to build something so cool out of a slew of parts that he fortuitously crossed paths with. Fabricated in true rat rod fashion - and when we use that term, we use it with utmost respect for creating something out of bits and pieces that most others would get rid of for want of an easier project... not some wannabe imitation trying too hard to look like an orphan. Vern collected parts for years before spending nights and weekends of nearly two years to complete this build. And we respect that. KWP_5180 The first piece came from a yard sale nearly 15 years ago. Vern's father purchased a bucket and in that bucket mixed in with random emblems and ornaments was a 1933 Chevrolet Eagle Swan hood ornament/radiator cap. For years they wondered what exactly it was or what grille it would fit. That changed when Vern unknowingly purchased the matching 1933 grill at a swap meet. Once home and upon further inspection he realized the similarity in the mounts, put two and two together and they have been that way ever since. KWP_5188 The rest of the build would follow in similar fashion - after picking up a 1934 Chevy High Cab that his uncle found in Wyoming, Vern was next on the hunt for a bed. While working at a refinery in North Salt Lake, Utah, a coworker mentioned he'd seen an old trailer built from a truck bed sitting in a field just off the main street. After work Vern drove down, and there it was in a field sitting under an apple tree. $20 bucks later and they were headed home, dragging an old busted up trailer with two flats, tongue chained to the bumper. KWP_5371 Under pressure by his wife to keep it "under budget", most of the fittings, brackets, and mounts were fabricated from scraps brought home from work. You might say nothing on this car is "bolt on." KWP_5482 The cab has been chopped six inches, the bed shortened 24 inches and the front end coming from a 1957 Chevy. A 1963 Ford D44 rear with truelock and 3:57 gears were also added in, all powered by a 1957 283cc motor with an Edelbrock CB3 intake and Mallory Unilight ignition. All said and done, Vern sits under the $5K mark, which makes the wife - and Vern - very happy. And you know what they say, "Happy wife, happy life."

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