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Made Just for You: Ferrari Builds P80/C One-Off Track Toy for Loyal Customer

When it comes to the world of supercars and hypercars, it can be said that the rarer and more exclusive a car is, the more desirable it becomes. For the truly bespoke offerings, it's uncommon if they don't sell out before they are publicly announced. 

Ferrari P80/C Red

That’s why it’s not surprising to see makers starting to build one-off projects for their most serious customers. We just saw Bugatti do it with the La Voiture Noire, and now Ferrari has debuted its own machine that was developed and built as a standalone project for a single customer.

Ferrari P80/C Red Rear View Racing

Called the P80/C, the car is based on Ferrari’s 488 GT3 racing platform, but with this project the team didn't need to meet the regulations of a specific race series—and the result is quite special. In fact, Ferrari calls the car its most extreme one-off design ever.

Ferrari P80/C Interior

The project has been in development since 2015 and is designed to be both a track day toy and the centerpiece of the owner’s collection. Needless to say, because of the unique circumstances of the project, the car takes both form and function to whole new levels.

Ferrari P80/C Red

The elongated design takes inspiration from some of Ferrari’s most legendary models, including the 330 P3/P4. It's a formula that's led to a car that's both heavy on heritage and incredibly modern at the same time.

Ferrari P80/C Red Race Track

Because the P80/C wasn’t designed or built for road use, the design team was able to take extra freedoms with its overall design and leave out certain features required on production cars.

Ferrari P80/C Red RearView

With elite buyers happy to fund special projects like this, and the amount of media attention it draws to the brand, we’d expect to see more of these one-off machines in the future. Now how much should we write that check for to get ours in the works?

Bugatti also made a one-off hypercar called the La Voiture Noire.

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