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Making a Lamborghini Drift: Testing 1-2-WEEE!

You've seen the video that took the internet by storm. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to prepare for something as wild as #HuracánDrift. A few days before D-Day (drift day), Sam and Stina Hübinette secured a few hours at the House of Drift, Irwindale Speedway, to get some seat time in their $250k+ tire-smoking machine. While Sam and Stina were hyper-focused on making sure they drifted their Lamborghini just right, we were able to just watch in awe of all the stunts they were able to do.

Huracan Drift - Samuel Hubinette

One of the most intricate and challenging stunts they were trying to perfect was the 360º drift. Lamborghini built the Huracán to be smart – maybe a little too smart. Not only did Sam and Stina need to figure out how to drift with its automatic transmission, but they also had to find a way to outsmart Lamborghini's safety sensor that tries to assist when it thinks the driver has lost control. No matter what the computers might think, any obscure angle the Hübinettes put the Huracán in, you better believe they were in total control.

Huracan Drift

As pioneers for installing a hydraulic handbrake into a stock Lamborghini, they were prepared for things to happen. Testing day wouldn't be a real testing day if we didn't encounter any challenges. As we all watched the Hübinettes practice 360º drift after 360º drift, the Lamborghini suddenly stopped, and all of our hearts collectively dropped when Sam and Stina got out and started to inspect underneath the Huracán.

Huracan Drift - Hydraulic Hand Brake

After a few moments of pause as we looked at each other in confusion, we made our walk over with our hopes held high. Once the cavalry arrived, Sam told us that they heard a loud clunk when he pulled the hydraulic handbrake. We quickly removed the wheel to figure out what exactly happened.

Apparently, the additional brake caliper had gripped a little too tightly during initiation and snapped right off the custom welds that were holding it in place. Sam removed the busted brake caliper and assessed the situation. Luckily, the Lamborghini didn't sustain any damages. Save for being down one brake caliper, everything was perfectly fine, and we were able to continue testing. You could say the Hübinettes caught a break with this one!

Huracan Drift - Broken Brake

Even with all the challenges, they were still able to shake out their modified Huracán to prepare for the real thing. But you wouldn't expect anything less from this amazing couple. #HuracánDrift isn't the only incredible project they've worked on; be sure to see more of what Sam and Stina have accomplished, and be on the look out for what else they might come up with next.

The couple that stunts together, stays together.

Huracan Drift - Samuel Hubinette - Stina Hubinette

For more behind-the-scenes coverage of the Hübinette's awesome Huracán, check out the gallery below and our photo shoot of the build process.

(Photos by: Ignition MG, Justin PagtalunanJonathan Wong / Video by: Donut Media)

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