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Mama Says: What You Really Missed At King Of The Hammers

King of The Hammers. You know it’s exciting. You know it’s dusty. You know it’s tough as hell.  But unless you went, you probably don’t know that the only thing more exciting than the race at King Of The Hammers are the people that show up that you get to meet all around Hammertown!


Drivers came from far and wide to Hammers, this year there were plates from Pennsylvania, Canada and even Alaska! But the longest trek came via Team Aussie all the way from Brisbane, Australia. They were even leading their class, until a little engine fire got in the way. But they’re not whining, they’re heading home to rebuild and so they can come back to win next year. Good on ya, mate!


Girls! Girls! Girls! KOH proves that off-roading isn’t just for boys anymore. Between Crawler Dolls and piles of pink stickers, it’s clear that the ladies are here to stay and they’re not just eye candy anymore.


Speaking of eye candy, there were plenty of flashy rides which made it nice to see someone whose kickin’ it ugly.. and old school.


Pirate 4x4. No, not those guys. This is a creative couple who built a land yacht to travel the country and spread pirate magic in their mobile home... complete with dragon and all.


Lil’ Monsters. I guess it was just a matter of time, with all the beer and late night bonfires, that KOH fans would eventually reproduce. Hammer offspring were everywhere this year.


And the very best site at this year’s Hammers was courtesy of 4 Wheel 2 Heal. They help wounded vets get in on off-roading action here at home. They helped our friend Louis score this sweet ride, enabling him to explore the whole event, read more about 4W2H in our previous article.


Don’t worry if you didn’t make it, you can always come out next year. The good news is that if you stayed home, you also missed this.

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