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Master Class: Car Building Tips From the Pros

Tinkering is central to our automotive culture. It’s how we started, and it’s how we innovate and create. Mistakes have been made, more than a few curse words have been yelled (usually when under the car!) and every time a task is finished, something new is learned.

What if you could take a master class and glean inspiration and tips from some of the most respected builders of our time, car builders who have gone far beyond just a few successful builds? These are masters. We’d sign up in a heartbeat. So we decided to ask them.

Car Builder Tools

Welcome to Master Class at Driving Line. No sign-up or tuition required; we’ll deliver expert car building tips, useful whether you’re busting knuckles in your own garage or working with shops to create the car of your dreams. Let’s get started…

Who else would you like to take a Master Class with? Leave a comment and let us know!

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