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Mi Drift Brings Drifting Back to Its Roots

While our attention has been focused on the premier Formula Drift Championship Series, we haven’t forgotten about where it all began: grassroots drifting. Enthusiasts from every experience level gathered for Mi Drift’s opening season event at the Auto City Event Center in Clio, Michigan. This test and tune day is the perfect opportunity for Midwest drift car drivers to go full-throttle after a long winter. Several new driving enthusiasts were welcomed in to get their feet wet.

The Michigan-based grassroots drift series kicked off their very first full season at the end of April this year. Mi Drift began as a group of friends who craved a grassroots community atmosphere. They hosted two events in 2016, which quickly escalated to a full season for 2017. Their recent event at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven featured pro driver Andrew Lewis.

Mi Drift has been working diligently to bring grassroots events to Midwest enthusiasts. All approved drivers from any experience level drive with equal opportunity on practice day. Opening day is a great way to ignite passion within new drivers, and with the hobby’s best interest in mind, the Mi Drift crew welcomes new enthusiasts with open arms.

MI Drift

Wandering through the paddock revealed a familiar scene: spare wheels and tires galore, and some last minute repairs. These guys and gals don’t mind roughing it on the pavement and gravel if that means keeping their cars on the track. After a long winter, a driver’s goal is to get the most out of their seat time.

BMW Wheels MI Drift

Brake Repairs MI Drift

After Harrison Mejia knocked the bumper from his Nissan 240, his laps around the track continued without pause, which made for humorous footage.

Nissan 240 MI Drift

After several smoky rounds in his Ford Fox Body Mustang, Nick Smith had a unique complication, which was quickly resolved by hitting the gas with enough force to close the rear hatch.

Foxbody Mustang MI Drift

Driving his eye-catching BMW E36 was Justin Windbigler.

“When in doubt and spinning out, keep your foot in it,” he joked. At the very least, you’ll achieve some nice, smoky images.

BMW Burnout MI Drift

Darby Jean finished the dual caliper brake setup on her little monster Miata just in time for her first ever drift session.

“My favorite part of the event was how supportive and welcoming everyone was,” she said. “It is a big family of car lovers. I’m totally hooked on drifting!”

Darby Jean Miata MI Drift

There’s something special about grassroots events, especially when you have the privilege to witness all the new enthusiasts in their first hours of seat time. While watching new drivers learn and hone their skills, you can’t help but cheer them on as they catch longer and longer drifts. You never know who may end up in a Championship series.

MI Drift Nissan

See more from Mi Drift's event at Gingerman Raceway in the photo gallery below.

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