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Most Important Sports Car of Geneva Motor Show

With super cars, hyper cars, and concepts left and right - one must think, "What's the best of the best?" Arguably, I believe the most important sports car of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is the Audi R8 - and let me tell you why... 969430_DLF_7263 For all the noise, hullabaloo and hype expended by a breathless media mob about such rarities such as the Glickenhaus or the Koenigsegg, in reality the most important of them all is the second-generation Audi R8. SONY DSC What is your justification for this sweeping judgement I hear you cry? Few of us will ever see, let alone drive, one of those exotics - whereas the R8 is a practical super-car, and those who can afford such a vehicle would tend to agree. 2015 Geneva Salon Since being introduced in 2007, over 55,000 examples have been built and sold - including 130 GT3 spec race cars. I looked at the Audi R8 LMS earlier in the week in the motorsports coverage of Geneva Motor Show. 2015 Geneva Salon So for 2015 there is a new interior and exterior, 50kg of weight has been lost, partly as a result of introducing a new Audi Space Frame, a combination of aluminum and carbon fibre reinforced plastics giving greater rigidity and crash protection. Currently there are three power plants available, two versions of the 5.2-litre V10 and the electric e-tron. A new factory has been opened to build the new car, it would seem that Audi is determined to repeat its success with the first generation Audi R8. Looking forward to the Frankfurt Show in September, but there is a lot to see and do before then!

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