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Mustang Turned Rocketship: The Galpin Rocket

324A9216 The Galpin Rocket is no slouch when it comes to performance and engineering, let alone the solid restyling of the 2015 Mustang. Galpin Auto Sport is no stranger to coach building and making one-offs for every taste and budget. They have a collected 60 years of customizing cars to fit the needs of their ongoing client base. A joint effort between Galpin’s owner, Beau Boeckmann, and automotive designer ,Henrik Fisker, produced this first example of a low-volume series for the launch of the new styling GAS will be offering a lucky few of buyers. Every styling cue of the body lends itself to the performance of the car. Each scoop and inlet offer airflow to parts that need to be cooled as well as the grill opening and spoiler adding downforce for the 725-hp V8 to put the power where it should be... to the ground. It is a true purpose built car for those that want to stand up to the super cars of today in a piece of American Muscle. Let's rewind just a bit, GAS is no stranger to modifying Ford Mustangs. In fact, it's their flagship, as they do a ton of them each year for customers across the country. Galpin is a Carroll Shelby authorized dealer and service center. They have been giving Fords all the extra HP that the customers wanted for quite some time now. One of Beau’s favorite cars of all time has been the Mustang and he had the pleasure of working with Ford on the new designs for the 2015 restyling of the car. He wanted to do something really special when it came out, and the Rocket is the result. 324A9051 Long time coming is the partnership of Henrik Fisker and GAS. Both Have been customizing and making coach built cars for many years. It was a joy for Henrik to take on the task of design for the Rocket. He and Beau had become friends a few years back with the cross contaminating on the Aston Martin. Fisher had restyled the Aston Martin DB9 and the Vantage V8. Fisher sat on the board of directors at Aston from 2001 to 2005 and Galpin is the United States leading seller of Aston Martins. Henrik had come to Beau with some advanced design plans of the car at Pebble Beach Concors de Elegance in August of 2014. They discussed a joint venture with the car and then agreed to move forward with the project. GAS was very excited to work with Fisker on such a huge project involving one of the newest products Ford had to offer. 324A9081 The construction of the panels and carbon fiber were turned over to renowned concept car builder, GFMI Metalcrafters in Fountain Valley, Ca.  GAS has worked with them in the past, with the GTR-1, and continue to do so with this Mustang. GMFI were able to make what was on paper from Fisker into a reality, using every styling cue expressed by the car designer. The mechanics of the car are all up to GAS supplying such a radical HP motor to the bodywork. The suspension is fully tunable to the tastes of the driver, whether street or track driven, giving the driver the options he or she needs wherever they dare to drive. 324A9144 There is no mistake that this is going to be one of the most sought after Mustangs of all time. It is not a one-off but a limited production car offered through GAS. The first deliveries of the Galpin Rocket should be showing up soon, interested buyers will have the option of purchasing the car through Galpin or through one of the hand-picked dealers across the country and around the world. Hear it in the video below.

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