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Nightrunner: 750+hp Blown Ford Mustang GT

The owner of this 2013 Ford Mustang GT didn’t set out to build a sleeper. After all, if you consider the traditional definition of the term, a Mustang would hardly qualify. In a time when there are Mustangs sold from the factory with more than 750hp, however, a base model V8 equipped car quickly has become mundane in a sea of modern high horsepower cars.

Supercharged S197 Ford Mustang

Additionally, the aftermarket has made extreme aesthetic transformation so readily available that mildly modified cars get overlooked. From widebody kits, to carbon aero, to forged multi-piece wheels, the expectation for in-your-face builds is higher than ever.

Supercharged S197 Ford Mustang

Subtle Exterior Mods

And that is what made Justin Hobb’s 2013 Mustang GT stand out: the fact that it…well… doesn’t. Turning mostly to OEM pieces, the Track Pack equipped base GT wears a GT500 upper grille and lower grille delete to improve air flow, while a GT500 rear valance and RTR rear deck lid adds a little bit of subtle visual interest to the rear.

Supercharged S197 Ford Mustang front

A MMD Downforce rear aluminum spoiler is perhaps the biggest exterior clue that something may be lurking under the hood, but it certainly doesn’t call attention to itself.

MMD Downforce S197 Ford Mustang spoiler

Supercharged Coyote V8 Power

What does call attention to itself, however, is the not so discreet intercooler piping sticking out beneath the front bumper. All of that cooling has a purpose, however, and that is to provide cool air to the now supercharged Coyote V8. Centered around a Paxton 2200SL supercharger with 3.33 upper pulley, the car was tuned by Lund Racing to make upwards of 750whp.

hobbsmustang drivingline 11

Although Ford designed the Coyote to make big power, the engine was opened up to fortify the internals with forged Manley Rods and Diamond pistons. ID1000cc injectors supply the motor with plenty of fuel, while TSS oil pump gears ensure that everything stays lubricated.

Supercharged S197 Ford Mustang front

If the intercooler piping was a teaser, the real giveaway for this Mustang’s performance is the exhaust. A set of BBK Longtube headers route the spent gasses through an Offroad X-pipe, and out via a Magnaflow cat-back exhaust.

Supercharged S197 Ford Mustang Rear

Built to Drive

Getting the power to the ground starts with a Mcleod RXT twin disc clutch connected to a six speed Ben Calimer Stage 3 Billet transmission. A set of Ford Performance 3.31 gears improve acceleration, and one-piece aluminum driveshaft reduces overall weight for improved drivetrain performance.

Supercharged S197 Ford Mustang Rear

The Correct Tires for Daily Driven Performance

If that power can’t make its way to the street though, all of those parts are a waste of money. A set of Nitto NT555 G2 high performance summer tires (265/40ZR19 & 305/35ZR19) were installed on the American Muscle 19x8.5 & 19x10 wheels, increasing traction, handling and wet-braking capabilities, while also providing stability in the straights and confidence in the corners.

Supercharged S197 Ford Mustang on American Muscle Wheels and Nitto tires

Although the car could certainly take advantage of a drag radial like the Nitto NT555 RII on the rear drive tires, Justin wanted to retain the all-weather performance of the NT555 G2 for daily driving duties considering how much rain there is where he lives. He notes that when driven respectively, he’s never wanted for grip with the G2s.

NT555 G2 on Supercharged S197 Ford Mustang

To further compliment the increased handling capabilities of the tires, Justin replaced the stock suspension with Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs and Strange single adjustable shocks in the front and rear. The Strange shocks have 10 performance settings to cover a wide range of applications from street to strip and everything in between.

Supercharged S197 Ford Mustang on Nitto Tires

All in all, this 2013 Mustang GT strikes an excellent balance of power, handling, and drivability. As Ford has transformed the Mustang into a world-class driving machine over the past decade with models like the GT350, GT500, the various track packages, and the upcoming Dark Horse, there’s a temptation to forget the aftermarket potential of the base model cars. And that’s exactly where Justin’s car sits, subtle enough to evade the attention of most enthusiasts, but with the performance to shock them.

Supercharged S197 Ford Mustang

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