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One Sick 6.0L Power Stroke with nearly 800 hp and more than 1,300 lb-ft.

You don’t always find a 6.0L Power Stroke that can walk the walk, but JJ Sisson went out of his way to ensure his Harley Davidson F-350 could. Front-to-back and from the ground-up, he’s addressed or upgraded every weak link associated with his ‘06 Super Duty—and he started with the Navistar-built V-8 under the hood. Stronger rods, better pistons and improved valvetrain components prepped the 6.0L Power Stroke to handle more power, and head studs help keep a set of worked-over heads glued to the block. A sizeable, fixed geometry S400 turbocharger replaces the factory VGT in the valley and is a big reason why the truck produces just under 800rwhp.

2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Sticking with the factory HEUI injection system, JJ upsized the fuel injectors to 285cc conventional (non-hybrid) units, supports them with a FASS low-pressure fuel supply system and keeps the oil side happy with a larger displacement high-pressure oil pump. Downwind of the 6.0L’s potent horsepower combination sits a 5R110W TorqShift transmission that’s been fitted with some of the best parts in the aftermarket. To eliminate rear axle wrap and front-end hop, the Ford was graced with traction bars and a four-link front suspension. The final stroke for JJ’s Ford lies in its cosmetic presentation, complete with purple powder coating and 22-inch American Forces.

For the full scoop on this serious 6.0L, keep scrolling.

Primed For Power

6.0L Power Stroke Diesel

If you’re going to campaign a high-powered 6.0L Power Stroke you might as well do it right. JJ Sesson spared no expense in making sure the infamous V-8 diesel in his Super Duty was up to the task of handling lots of punishment. The 6.0L’s cast-iron block was machined locally, but much of the engine’s contents came from Kill Devil Diesel. This includes a set of Wagler connecting rods, coated Mahle pistons, KDD’s cam, lifters and pushrods, and KDD’s heads, which anchor to the block via ARP studs. The original high-pressure oil injection system gets a boost thanks to 285cc Holders Diesel Performance Premium injectors equipped with 150-percent over nozzles and a Thumper II high-pressure oil pump from RCD Performance.

Stock Location—But Much Bigger Than Stock

Big Single Turbocharger S400 6.0L Power Stroke

Clearing the way for some serious top-end power, JJ ditched the factory, Garrett-based variable geometry turbo arrangement in favor of a system based around a fixed geometry BorgWarner S400. The big single, sourced from Titan Turbo Service, sports a 72mm compressor wheel and mounts almost exactly where the stock VGT did thanks to a T4 S400 kit from SoCal Billet Inc. TIG-welded 304 stainless steel up-pipes with 321 stainless bellows and a T4 divided exhaust collector link the stock exhaust manifolds to the S472. An S3R ported intake manifold from O’Dawgs Diesel helps cool EGT while aiding spool up at the same time.

Low-Pressure Fuel Supply & Traction Bars

FASS Diesel Fuel System

A Titanium series FASS system maintains a steady supply of low-pressure fuel for the 285/150 injectors to use. The lift pump suctions fuel from a FASS sump installed in the truck’s factory fuel tank. Also notice the traction bars. They feature beefy heim joints, weld-on brackets and keep the Ford’s rear 10.5-inch axle from wrapping under power.

Wyse 5R110

Ford 5R110 TorqShift Transmission

The Wyse Auto Repair Stage 4 5R110W under the truck is arguably one of the baddest TorqShift transmissions you can buy. It’s been treated to billet input, intermediate, and output shafts, along with a billet rear hub and Raybestos GPZ clutches throughout. Extensive valve body and pump mods have also been performed to optimize the five-speed auto’s shifts. A Goerend Transmission triple-disc converter with a 2,900-rpm stall speed helps bring the big S472 to life easier, while a Derale transmission pan adds 7 additional quarts of fluid capacity.

420V’s & 22’s

Nitto NT420V All Season Luxury SUV tires

To keep his powerful Ford attached to the road, JJ went with Nitto’s quiet, grippy and slow-wearing NT420V all season. The LT315/45R22 tires measure 33.2-inches in diameter and carry an F load range, perfect for any 1-ton diesel. They mount to polished, 22-inch 74 Octane SS American Force wheels. Of all the little things that set the truck off visually, its tire and wheel combination contributes mightily to the truck’s overall curb appeal.

Four-Link Conversion

Four-Link Suspension Conversion Ford Super Duty

The coil spring, radius arm front-end under ‘05-newer Ford Super Duty’s has long been known to experience wheel hop in four-wheel drive and with big power in the mix. The ultimate solution is shown here in the form of a four-link conversion. By loading the top arm and pulling in the bottom arm, the front axle housing can’t rotate, which eradicates wheel hop and makes those heart-pounding, boosted four-wheel drive launches and impressive 60-foots possible at the track.

784 HP & 1,314 LB-FT

Super Duty Dyno Diesel Horsepower with power stroke

Fastened to Pierce’s Diesel Doctor chassis dyno at the 2021 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, JJ’s 6.0L laid down a best of 784 hp and 1,314 lb-ft of torque. Peak torque checks in near the 3,000 rpm mark, which is indicative of the truck’s big single turbo and high-stall converter setup. Of the 31 trucks that hit the load cell Dynocom that day, JJ’s Ford finished 13th—not bad considering this is one of the biggest dyno events of the year and trucks making north of 1,300rwhp show up.

Validating The Build

Chassis Dyno Sheet Horsepower

Trust us, these numbers translate into a big surprise for any Cummins or Duramax owner that makes the mistake of assuming they’re next to a 6.0L Ford with nothing more than fancy wheels. It means mid-to-low 12-second capability in an 8,000-pound truck, too, which could surprise just about any other vehicle out on the road or at the track.


Diesel Truck Ford Harley Davidson F-350 driving on road

Out in the wild, JJ’s sleek ’06 Harley Davidson F-350 is definitely deserving of a double-take (or two). A construction business and shop owner by day, JJ also finds time to run the Diesel Mafia Truck Club, a social media sensation with more than 127,000 followers, by night. Beyond that, he turns his fair share of wrenches and has had a hand in many show-worthy builds. Without a doubt, JJ is living his passion for diesel trucks.

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