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Pic'd: SEMA Edition

When you attend the SEMA Show, you expect to see a lot of cars and trucks, and a lot of photos of cars and trucks. While anything with an engine is clearly the star of the show, when you consider the fact that SEMA's in Las Vegas, it's safe to assume cars and trucks aren't the only subjects taking up your camera roll (although let's admit, you totally have 20 pictures of that one car because people kept walking in front of you whenever you tried to take a photo of it).

"What's the last picture you took on your phone?"

We asked this question to people at SEMA 2016, and with nervous laughter and a discerning eye, they showed us. Watch the video above to see SEMA through the unfiltered lenses of 18 unsuspecting people — some will be familiar faces!

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(Video: BOWLS LA)

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