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Ready for KOH: CARtoon'd Erik Miller

4421_MILLER_DL1200px Have you ever seen a little kid so excited for something they can't sit still? They wiggle around as if jumping beans are filling their stomachs, fingers, and toes. Yep... that's how we feel right now about #KOH2015! DrivingLine will be on the Johnson Valley dirt of Hammertown in only 10 short days and I'd imagine racers are in the process of packing their rigs and headed there as we speak... especially Erik Miller who travels all the way from Maryland! To help calm our excitement to see Erik and the other drivers in person, here's Michele Dallorso's next CARtoon in our Nitto Racing Ultra4 series (see Loren Healy's and Jason Scherer's here). Just like last year, the main Nitto King of The Hammers 4400 race isn't the only one Erik will be competing in. Switching from the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge to the Polaris KOH UTV Race, we'll be cheering for Erik and the Miller Motorsports team to have a winning day both Wednesday and Friday of KOH week! If you happen to be headed to the lakebed along with us, be sure to drop by the Nitto Tire rig near the starting line where you can have Michele do a live sketch for you in person! Want Erik and the #4421 car pasted to your computer screen?

Click here to download an Erik Miller CARtoon wallpaper!

01_Erik_Miller_CARtoon_2049x1152 Miller_CAR-toon_ColErase2_WIP
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