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Redefining Creativity: Lego Speed Champions

As a certified car nut and recent Dad, I can tell you that I have a healthy obsession for things that are simply car related. For example: Let's say I'm in line at the store and I spot a candy-shaped car, I already know I'm going to stop and take a look at it. The amount of car related toys is astounding (to put it lightly) and there are even more that aren't even branded, meaning they're not licensed officially by the auto manufacturers. Licensing is a tricky game; automotive companies strive to protect their brand image although they're always looking for different ways to get in front of consumers whenever possible and makes the best sense.

This is particularly true for higher end automotive companies. They spend a lot of time and money to make sure their name doesn't become tarnished by licensing poor quality products to the marketplace. As such, companies like Porsche and Ferrari are extremely particular about what is produced and how the brand is represented. However, one of the world's most beloved toy companies has finally brought a new series to light that pays great homage to the super/hypercar giants of the world, including the aforementioned Porsche and Ferrari, and one of my favorites, McLaren. I'm speaking specifically to the Lego Speed Champions series. The foundation of these toys are built off the Holy Trinity of hypercars, which I've mentioned numerous times over as the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari. This is a great move for Lego since these cars have become the pinnacle of hot discussions amongst enthusiasts worldwide. They did an excellent job ensuring that each vehicle's likeness is solid, all while retaining Lego's unique "brick" feeling.


The Lego McLaren P1 consists of 168 pieces and actually bears a very similar resemblance to the real deal, especially since an actual P1 is so curvaceous and alien-looking. The P1 kit comes with the car, driver with wrench, as well as cones and a starting block (not pictured). Can you imagine trying to make 168 bricks look like this?


Kudos Lego - and check this out: the P1's wing is actually a snowboard from an existing action series.


Next are Lego's two Ferrari offerings: the 458 GT2 race car and flagship LaFerrari.


At 153 and 164 pieces (respectively) the Ferrari builds are similar in size to the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 cars. While each vehicle comes with a driver and some accessories, it must be noted that 458 GT race car driver comes with a trophy! Perhaps someone in Lego's planning department has a longstanding relationship with Ferrari..?

The final vehicle of the individual Speed Champions is the Porsche 918 Hybrid.


Again, another solid comparison to the real 918; there are Acid Green accents on the driver, which was a trademark color of the car at its unveiling.


As with the P1 and LaFerrari, the 918 also comes with a driver, wrench, cones and starting block.


Each of the individual vehicle sets retail for $14.99.

Lego's Speed Champions Collection 2 series are track “scenes” that come with the vehicle, along with a track-related backdrop.

The McLaren Mercedes Pit Stop is a 332 piece set which includes an F1 vehicle, three figurines and a very detailed work area and setting.


No detail goes unfinished, including tools, a replacement F1 front nose cone - there are even computers showing vehicle diagnostics, just like a real F1 pit!


The intricacies and details are very good, especially when you take into consideration that these scenes are all crafted from blocks! There are still sticker packs that you have to apply but regardless, still amazing. And they only retail for $29.99!


The Porsche 911 GT Finish Line kit rounds up the Collection 2 set.


Coming in at $49.99, the Porsche 911 GT Finish Line kit includes four mini-figures with accessories, including two drivers, a cameraperson and race marshall. Also included is a mini-garage and podium, complete with tools, first and second place trophies and international flags to represent eight countries. It also uses Porsche's livery, from the cars to the uniforms on the figures.

Last but not least is the F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck Set.


With 884 pieces of pure Tifosi this Speed Champions set is a must have for all Ferrari fanatics.

Ferrari's relationship with Lego actually started back in 2004 with the company's younger line, Duplo (not to be confused with twerk master DJ, Diplo), and as you can see, we've reached what could easily be described as the ultimate Lego set for car enthusiasts, something that any child should be proud and very happy to call their own. This mega scene comes with six mini-figures, transport truck, F1 car with interchangeable nose cones and spare wheels, scooter, complete tool set and F1 car launch function (whee!); it essentially mimics an entire race team's setup on the paddock. Look close enough; can it be true - is that Fernando Alonso? If yes, clearly this was done before his departure for McLaren but now it has me wondering if Version 2 will come with a Sebastian Vettel lookalike?

Clearly, one of the best perks about becoming a new dad is that I now get to buy an insane amount of toys. My children will always be the greatest gift in and of themselves, but now I have the best excuse when I need to explain "why" to my wife. Gone are the days of impulse buying; now it becomes a simple "because it's for our kids". It's a win/win, if you ask me.

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