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Ride of the Week: Justin Keith's 1000HP C7 Corvette [VIDEO]

When it comes to Corvettes, they don't get much faster or more powerful than Justin Keith's C7. With 1000hp at its disposal, it's capable of running 8.77 seconds in the quarter mile. This isn't the first iteration of this car to come down the track, and this might be the best one yet.

Obviously, to run this quick, quite a few modifications have been made to the car. Those upgrades include a Late Model Engines 416 ci LT1 with Frankenstein Engine Dynamics cylinder heads, a B&B Bullet exhaust and BC Racing Coilovers. It's also running on Nitto NT555 G2s up front and NT555Rs in the rear. 

Watch the video above to see everything that makes this Corvette so astonishingly quick!

Justin Keith's C7

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