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Ride of the Week: The Fall Guy Tribute Truck

A Silverado on 40s fit for a Hollywood stuntman

Preserved Patina: Mark Parham’s 1961 Chevy Apache 10

It might look like a rusted relic, but this supercharged pickup is a case study in sheetmetal revival and customization.

Ride of the Week: Built & Blown ’61 Chevy Apache

Don't let the rust fool you. This supercharged classic is the perfect blend of performance upgrades and preserved patina.

Ride of the Week: Rockin' '74 Chevy Cheyenne

Ever wonder what the locals in Johnson Valley drive?

Ride of the Week: Eye of the Huracán

Our favorite Huracán deserves a closer look, see the Hübinette Stunts Lamborghini here.

All Hail the Duke: A Cummins-Powered K50 Built for a King

Get up close and personal with Rtech Fabrication's latest classic Chevy truck creation

Ride of the Week: Rtech Fabrication’s ’72 K50 Crew Cab

With a motto of "We build trucks to do truck things," this K50's builder is right up our alley. See what this K50 is built of.

Ride of the Week: A Show-and-Shine Mustang GT

Frankie's "Sonic Blue" 2005 Ford Mustang is a work in progress built to enjoy.

Not As Planned But So Good: ’87 Porsche 911 Carrera

From original plans of uptrading this 1987 Porsche 3.2 Carrera, Philip fell in love with it while starting some "minor" modifications.

Xtegra: The Krowrx Integra EXOcar

Fitted with Nitto NT01 tires, a rear-mounted radiator and custom rear wing and splitter, this is one EXOcar that's ready to hit the streets! (Of Alabama, that is... Definitely not street-legal in all 50 states.)

M-EXO-5: The Krowrx MX-5 Miata EXOcar

What's purple, sits on four wheels, has no doors or windows and is made up of 200 feet of steel tubing?

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