Ride of the Week: Karen's Factory 5 Type 65 Coupe [Video]

In the mid ‘60s the Shelby Daytona Coupe was built to beat Ferrari’s 250 GTO. Loosely based on his earlier car designs, Carroll Shelby was able to achieve a higher top speed with the Daytona than with the AC Cobra because of the better aerodynamics of a closed cockpit. It’s a slick car that was the fastest of its day, but there were only six Daytona Coupes built, and the lower cost versions sell in the $4 million range. So, what does the average person do if they want that kind of car but are limited to a realistic budget? Buy a replica, of course.

Ride of the Week: Karen's Factory 5 Type 65

Karen Salvaggio built a replica with a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe as the foundation of her build. Her car is primarily used for racing but it’s still legal on the street. It’s equipped with a 2017 Ford Coyote 5.0 under the hood with 435hp at the crank and period correct side-pipes. “The exterior keeps the vintage look I love, but it’s all modern underneath,” Salvaggio said.

Ride of the Week: Karen's Factory 5 Type 65 Ford 5.0 Coyote

It was also running on Nitto NT01s during the latest Driver Battle, where it went up against a Viper ACR. Click here to learn more about the Type 65 Coupe and Karen in our full feature article

Or, see how well this car fared against that 2015 Viper in Driver Battles 8.


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