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Ride of the Week: Time Attack 1989 Nissan 240SX [Video]

Just because people know your car more for going sideways than speed doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a seriously good time attack car. Thus is the case with Peter’s 1989 240SX, a ride that breaks with convention to make something totally unique and awesome. The whole build specializes in breaking expectations. While it has an SR20-swap, a fairly common upgrade, it has also been made to run E85 fuel, which is anything but a common change.

Nissan 240SX Driver Battles Time Attack Front

The upgrades don’t stop there, with a track-focused interior, an aero package and new wheels and tires, specifically Volk RE30s and Nitto NT01s. The tires seem to have especially given Peter an edge on the track, as he said that the new rubber helped him chop off at least one to two seconds from his previous setup.

Nissan 240SX Driver Battles Time Attack Rear

To find out more about this unexpected time attack monster, watch the video above or read our full feature.

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