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Driver Battles Episode 10: 240SX vs. R35 GT-R [Video]

Previously when we’ve had intramanufacturer battles, we’ve featured Hondas, but this time it’s Nissan’s turn in the spotlight. They’ve been making enthusiast cars for years, so it only makes sense that two titans of Nissan’s history would battle on the time attack track. Of course, we have a GT-R, an R35 to be specific, and a…240SX?

Driver Battles Nissan GT-R

Sure, we all know that the GT-R is a monster on the track, it is Godzilla after all, but how can the 240SX possibly keep up? It’s more known for drifting than straight-line speed. But this isn’t your average S13. It’s been given a ton of aero, an SR-20 swap and a Garrett turbo. Both cars are running Nitto NT01s, so this is shaping up to be a closer, and faster, battle than it might seem at first.

Driver Battles Nissan 240SX

Watch the video above to find out who wins!

Want to know more about this time attack 240SX? Read our full feature!

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