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Rigid Industries A-Series Rock Light Review

Previously, we outfitted our 1952 Willys with Rigid Industries Truck-Lite headlights for its daily driving and threw on some Rigid Dually's to help off-road. But, for our Willys that is purpose-built for the rocks, we still wanted a little more lighting to illuminate the hard-to-see terrain underneath us.

1952-willys-flatfender-rigid-rock-lights (12)

We opted to go with the A-Series Rock Light Kit from Rigid Industries. That’s gives us a nice balance of two up front, two in the middle, and two on the back. All of the lights tied into a supplied power block where each light is individually fused. The lights come with everything needed, flat or angled mounting pads, power-block, fuses, hardware, instructions and some stickers to slap on the trail cooler.

1952-willys-flatfender-rigid-rock-lights (1)

For those of you who are hesitant or worried you might not be able to handle the install, Rigid includes a clearly laid out wiring diagram and instructions. This is paired with the plug-and-play harness. So long as you have access to a drill and basic hand tools, you can have your lights installed and ready to go in a single evening.

1952-willys-flatfender-rigid-rock-lights (4)

The fuse block is very compact. We mounted ours under the hood along the inner fender of our Willys close to the firewall for clean wire routing.

1952-willys-flatfender-rigid-rock-lights (3)

The A-Series lights are quick and easy to mount. You’ll need to drill three holes and then you can choose between either flat or angled mounting pad.

1952-willys-flatfender-rigid-rock-lights (9)

After getting all six lights mounted up and wired back to the block, it was time to mount the switch. We placed ours right under the existing Rigid Dually switch. All that was left to do was connect the power block to the battery terminal.

1952-willys-flatfender-rigid-rock-lights (7)

Being such a small vehicle, we were worried the lights would be too close and cast big hot spots. But, these lights produced an even spread, that wasn’t too blinding in the rocks. Being able to see means more time on the trails. This is especially helpful during the summer months when trail riding during the day is just miserably hot.

1952-willys-flatfender-rigid-rock-lights (11)

Be sure to check out our gallery below for more shots from our install.


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