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Rollin’ Hard: 5 Hot Tire Choices for Slammed Trucks

Though you can add numerous modifications to a custom truck, tires are what really make them move. Furthermore, a truck is only as good as its weakest link and there’s no reason to let tires hold you back. That’s definitely something to consider when you are dropping some coin in order to add some performance. With that being said, there’s no reason to skimp on getting the right tires for your ride. To help you choose the best tire for your slammed pickup, we have compiled a list of some of the best tire options for your lowered truck.


For those looking for a tire with ultra high performance on street driven vehicles, Nitto’s INVO is a great choice. This tire has a blend of performance, comfort and high quality wrapped up in one package.

Nitto INVO on Premier Street Rod's Snow White '57 Chevy 3100

Nitto’s INVO also has 3D Multiwave sipes were designed to “lock” together to react like a larger tread block to provide better traction during braking and acceleration. To further help in performance capabilities, tread flex is reduced with the modern silica-reinforced construction of these tires.

rear of Premier Street Rod's Snow White '57 Chevy 3100

Not only is the tread pattern of the INVO stylish, it was also designed to perform under pressure. The solid center rib increases stability and constant connection with the pavement. Moving outward, the shoulder assists in dry performance and cornering with large reinforced tread blocks that increase the contact patch to roads. The tread design was also engineered to break up repetitive road noises and calm them down by producing offset frequencies. This line-up has great offerings for trucks with staggered fitments and was the perfect choice for the folks at Premier Street Rod and their ’57 Chevy 3100 pickup better known as Snow White. Since there are different sized wheels front to back on this truck, the 245/35ZR20 and 285/30ZR22 sized INVO tires fit the bill.


In the world of modern trucks and SUV’s, the Nitto NT420S is a performance tire that works well on these larger vehicles. These tires also keep up with the demands of modern haulers with larger outer tread blocks that increase the amount of surface area for improved cornering and handling in dry situations.

Nitto NT420S on Nick Cannon's ’19 Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Making this design good for all-seasons is the center pattern that channels water for optimum results. Additional siping that runs along the tread assists in creating biting edges for better gripping capabilities in wet conditions with the rain.

Front of n Nick Cannon's ’19 Rolls-Royce Cullinan

The NT420S also has fitments that work well with both factory and plus-sized aftermarket wheels. Maintenance is easier with these tires as the asymmetrical and non-directional tread helps with cross-rotation to help prevent uneven wear. When actor/comedian/recording artist, Nick Cannon decided to swap the factory 22’s on his ’19 Rolls-Royce Cullinan for 24-inch Savini SV61D forged wheels, he put his trust in a set of 305/35R24 Nitto NT420S tires in order to get him to high-profile events.


Like its predecessor, the NT420V is a great choice for trucks driven during all-seasons. The design of the tread on this tire is incredibly attractive yet was designed for cross-rotation to help extend their lifespan on a truck.

Nitto NT420V on Ellie “Mopar Ellie” Moreno's "Lonestar '14 Ram

The tread pattern also has strengths for both handling in dry weather and performing on wet surfaces as well. Helping to improve traction while cornering and dry performance is the large outer tread blocks. Assisting in wet weather is two wide channels to disperse water and lateral inner grooves that increase biting edges.

Front of Ellie “Mopar Ellie” Moreno's "Lonestar '14 Ram

With increased wheel sizes and weight rating on modern trucks, the NT420V has many size offerings for factory and larger wheels. As if that wasn’t enough, these tires allow you to drive with comfort as the variable pitch block design helps to reduce aggravating road noise. For custom truck enthusiast Ellie “Mopar Ellie” Moreno, she chose a set of 275/45R22 and 305/40R22 NT420V tires for the custom 22x9 and 22x10 billet wheels on her ’14 Ram known as “Lonestar.”

  Nitto NT420V on Jason Bowman's 1977 Chevrolet C30 dually

Going deeper for those that have larger rigs with 20-24” wheels, the NT420V has increased load ratings. There are even options for LT-metric sizes for heavy-duty ¾ and 1-ton trucks. This means that with the right combination, your truck can run a low-profile tire and have the capability to tow a trailer. This was the exact reason why Jason Bowman of Big 10Garage chose a set of 265/40R22 NT420V tires for his slammed dually build recently.

NT555 G2

Performance minded pickups that require more traction will benefit from running a set of Nitto NT555 G2 tires. This is a great ultra high performance street tire that also has a super high “AA” traction rating.

Nitto NT555 G2 on Matt Girard's '72 Ford F100

The twin center blocks provide stability in straight lines and better corning can be had with the large tapered blocks. Excellent traction on wet pavement is accomplished with many grooves that clear water away from the contact patches.

Front of Matt Girard's '72 Ford F100

This second generation of the NT555 also has reinforced shoulder treadblocks to improve wet and dry grip in corners. A silica compound acts as a bonding agent for the elements for high stiffness in all weather cornering. Looking for all these features, Matt Girard chose to run a set of 245/45ZR20 and 295/40ZR20 Nitto NT555 G2 tires to cover the custom billet wheels on his ’72 Ford F100.


For those looking to get the ultimate grip for straight line performance will want to go with Nitto’s NT555RII D.O.T. approved Drag radial tire. They have a UTQG 100 treadwear and “A” traction rating to further help you crush the competition.

Nitto NT555RIII on Jorge Sanchez' "La Colorada" '16 Ford F-150

Helping to launch a vehicle is a special compound for increased traction, while the large center ribs provide a constant contact patch. Additionally, the tread pattern and sizing options were generated so that you can pair them up with NT555 G2 tires for the non-drive axles.

  Front of  Jorge Sanchez' "La Colorada" '16 Ford F-150

This drag radial tire is also D.O.T.-compliant meaning that you can legally use them to drive to a track and pilot your truck down the strip. This all-in-one tire also has large circumferential grooves to assist in wet conditions in case it rains on the way to or while coming back from a track. For truck enthusiasts like Jorge Sanchez, this is the perfect tire to meet up with the demands of his custom ’16 Ford F150 known as “La Colorada.” His street driven truck has multiple purposes as it is ready for show and able to take on other drivers at the drag strip. Equipped with a set of 305/40R22 NT555RIII tires to fit his large Center Line wheels, Jorge’s truck is able to do it all in one package.

Choosing the Right Tire for Your Custom Pickup

As you can see, Nitto Tire has a wide spread of options for truck enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for an OE replacement, the ultimate in performance on the street or want to go full on at the drag strip, there’s a set of Nitto tires designed to handle each purpose.

Front of Premier Street Rod's Snow White '57 Chevy 3100

The best approach is to determine what you want to do with your truck and then pick the tire that best suits your needs for a winning combination.

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