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RTI Fun Day [Gallery]

RTI, short for ramp travel index, is something many off-road shops and 4x4 gatherings use to test out a vehicle’s flex potential. The goal is to place one tire on the ramp (typically the driver side front tire) and drive until the driver-side rear tire lifts off of the ground (or as far as safely possible). An RTI ramp typically allows drivers to see where there tires will rub, showcase the limits (or potential) of their suspension and demonstrate how differential lockers can make a big difference.

Low Range 4x4 has used its 30-degree RTI ramp for years to test out new builds and allow customers to see what type of potential their vehicle has. We recently stopped by for one of the shop's RTI Fun Days, where they open the ramp up to the public. On this particular fall evening, there was everything from a stretched two-door JK to a Nissan sedan. It was great entertainment, and we were there to snap some photos from the event.

Check out our gallery above for all the fun, and learn more about the basics of articulation

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