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Scheid Diesel Extravaganza 2020: New Venue, Same High-Caliber Competition

There are very few places on Earth where you can find the fastest diesel drag racers, the most powerful pulling trucks, with two full days of dyno competition and one of the largest, most comprehensive show ‘n shines all in one location. At the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, one of the industry’s longest-running events, you will see that and more. And for the 24th edition of the Extravaganza, there’s a twist. In 2020, the entire event has been relocated to Wagler Motorsports Park in Lyons, Indiana—a compact, all-in-one facility that boasts an eighth-mile drag strip with a top-notch racing surface and one of the better sled pulling tracks around.

Close proximity to all of the action has the potential to make this year’s Extravaganza one of the best yet. After all, just a few hundred feet separates the top-tier action taking place in the dirt from all the 4-second eighth-mile passes over at the drag strip. In between that, row upon row of jaw-dropping show trucks, restorations and unique diesel swaps will be on display, while one of the most comprehensive manufacturer’s midways will afford you a chance to interact with representatives from the top companies in the diesel realm.

The Hot Rod Semi’s Return

Hot Rod Semi Truck Pull

After taking a one-year hiatus, the crowd favorite, the Hot Rod Semi class is back for 2020. These 3,500-plus horsepower, frame-tweaking 20,000-pounders are positively thrilling to watch. Most carry the driver side front tire all the way down the track, and sometimes both when the limit chain wrapped around the front axle breaks. Such was the case once upon a time for this old International and its driver, W.T. Miller.

50+ Limited Pro Stock Trucks

Chevrolet Duramax Limited Pro Stock Truck

Though the class is predominantly populated with Cummins-powered trucks, you can still find some strong-running Duramax’s battling in the Limited Pro Stock category. Regardless of engine, horsepower is limited by airflow, specifically a single, smooth bore turbo (no map width groove) with a 3.0-inch (76mm) inducer compressor wheel. The Limited Pro Stocks represent one of the largest groups of trucks competing at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, which is why drivers must qualify during a daytime pulling session in order to be invited to the big dance each evening.

Winning Never Comes Easy

Dodge Ram Nitto Mud Grappler

Matt Poduska and his Limited Pro Stock second-gen Dodge made a run for the win in 2019. On the first day of the pulling festivities, he turned in the furthest hook during the qualifying process and then took Third Place that night. Trust us, grabbing a top three finish against 27 of the strongest running Limited Pro Stock trucks in the nation is more than commendable.

30+ Pro Stock Pullers

Pro Stock Diesel Truck Dodge Cummins

For a taste of 2,000hp, the Pro Stock class never fails to deliver. These 7,800-pound behemoths have to make use of the factory truck body and chassis, but not much else is OEM. Most trucks are Cummins-powered as well, with either billet-block replicas or factory block, deck-plated mills being the norm. Their turbocharger restrictions revolve around the use of a single, smooth bore unit with a 3.6-inch (91mm) compressor wheel. It’s not uncommon for 30 or more Pro Stocks to convene at the Extravaganza, which makes for a solid hour of entertainment alone.

Super Stock: The Big-Boost Racehorses of Pulling

Super Stock Dodge Ram Against The Grain

In the world of diesel truck pulling, the Super Stock class is the crème de la crème—at least as far as entertainment value is concerned. With some engines (again, mostly Cummins) belting out 3,500 hp, it’s a battle for traction and a driver’s game more than anything else, but it’s positively captivating to watch. Billet blocks, heads, mechanical pumps, and multiple turbos make it all possible, and when a dozen or more Super Stocks have their turn against the sled the dirt flies higher and the crowd noise escalates.

Pro Street (2.6 Smooth Bore): A Green Yet Growing Class

Pro Street Diesel Pulling Truck Mud Grappler

One of the newer classes you’ll see at the Scheid event, the Pro Street diesel truck class, has caught on hard for many in recent years. Here, competitors are limited to running just a single, smooth bore 2.6-inch (66mm) inducer turbocharger, but this allows more Duramax and even Power Stroke lovers to enter the game and compete on a level playing field.

The Best Bracket Racers in the Nation

ET Bracket Diesel Drag Racing

Thanks to the Outlaw Diesel Super Series sanctioning the drag race portion of the Scheid event, competition was fierce over on the eighth-mile track. Dozens of talented drivers, all of which know their vehicle like the back of their hand, will turn out to throw down in the E.T. Bracket class. If you know anything about chasing a dial-in, this class will be very enjoyable for you to watch, especially once eliminations start.

The Fastest Diesels On The Planet

Scheid Diesel Cummins Dragster

Scheid Diesel’s flagship vehicle, its Spitzer chassis, compound turbocharged Cummins-powered dragster was on hand, making passes in the ODSS’s fastest class. So far this season, driver Jared Jones has guided the rail to countless 4.1-second eighth-mile passes, including a best of 4.13 at 179 mph, which is on par with the dragster’s best-ever 4.12-second sprint at 182 mph. You can also catch Scheid’s top-tier pulling trucks in the dirt. They’re the black Dodge Rams wearing lightning bolts, one in the Pro Stock class and the other in the Super Stock field.

Pro Street Trucks in the 4’s

Dodge Ram Cummins Pro Street Diesel Drag Truck

Plenty of heads-up drag racing is on the docket this year and some of the most exciting side-by-side action will come from the Pro Street class. At the present time, a trio of 4,400-plus pound trucks can run high 4’s in the ‘660 and the current elapsed time record-holder, Josh Scruggs, recently did it in 4.86 seconds.

Pro Mod: Diesel’s Fastest Full-Body Class

Chevrolet S10 Pro Mod Diesel

To watch vehicles creep even deeper into the 4’s, make sure you’re sitting trackside when the Pro Mods fill up the staging lanes. In recent years, we’ve seen diesel Pro Mods go 4.30s and even break into the 4.20’s, which puts them near dragster territory.

The Show ‘N Shine Could Be An Event All On Its Own

OBS Ford Power Stroke Mud Grappler

We could spend an entire weekend alone just hanging out at the Extravaganza’s extensive show ‘n shine. There are rows and rows of beautiful trucks to gawk at. The quality of vehicles range from well-preserved factory rides to wild engine swaps, and high-horsepower daily drivers to true, over-the-top show trucks.

Dyno Competition

Duramax Chassis Dyno Horsepower

During both days of the Extravaganza you’ll find a chassis dyno competition in full swing. From dedicated dyno queens to high-powered daily drivers to juiced up tow-rigs, it’s not uncommon for 100 trucks or more to grace the rollers. The biggest numbers put up each day (on fuel only) earn a prize from long-time dyno competition sponsor, Edge Products.

With roots that date back to 1997, no wonder the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza is such a mainstay event in the diesel world. See some of its history here.

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