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Sibling Rivalry: Lexus RC F vs Lexus GS F

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Enjoying breakfast next to a LFA and city driving in a NX and IS were all teasers for Lexus' big Performance Drive Event at Chuckwalla Raceway. I have to admit, after driving nearly 150 miles to the desert, I wasn’t really looking forward to getting back behind the wheel anytime soon. But some time to unwind, a quick driver’s meeting and a quick demo lap were all I needed to pique my interest again.

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Being my first time driving on a track, I quickly decided to take advantage of Lexus' driving instructors, and behind the wheel of the new GS F, you could say I was nervous, anxious but super pumped to find out how well the car would drive...and how I'd do as well.

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I was hesitant the first few turns, but I was guided the whole way, letting me know the best time to brake, turn or let it rip! Halfway through my first lap I could feel that my confidence was building; either I was a natural or this GS F is so well built that anyone could become a better driver because of it. (As much as I want to take credit, it's more the car than me.) Reaching each apex, I was advised to “squeeze” meaning keep the wheel turned, the foot on the gas and hold on to feel the GS F pull itself through the turn and to the next cone with ease. Never once did the GS F’s traction control let me down and make me feel like I was ever in danger.

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The more comfortable I got with the cars and the track, the more I received new instruction. I think it sounded a little something like “brake, brake, brake…braaaaaake!” I believe that’s what it was; I know I heard it a lot more when I was driving the RC F.

drivingline lexusperformancedrive lexusrcf lexusgsf jp 05 2506

After instructor guided runs in both cars I was ready to go on my own and really test my new skills behind the RC F and GS F on the track. I’ve driven the RC F before, but it was a completely different feeling finally being able to take it to its limits on the track. The power and nimble handling, this track is where the RC F was meant to play. In comparison, think of the GS F as the older brother that’s got responsibilities now, but is ready show its younger sibling that it can still hang and have fun.

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You probably saw this RC F at SEMA; this is Lexus Tuned's Rocket Bunny/Pandem-kitted version on Volk Racing wheels.

Check out DSPORT’s Toshi Hayama and Richard Fong give their detailed comparison between Lexus’ two new F Performance Series cars.

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