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Spocom GO: Catching Pokémon at the Super Show in Anaheim

For the three of you that haven't played Pokémon GO or seen the numerous posts on your social media feeds, it's the hottest trending app right now, and it's slowly taking over the world. This game brings '90s nostalgia together with the future of augmented reality, and now everyone is trying to catch Pokémon in real life.

Pokémon can be found just about anywhere – parks, churches, beaches, creepy alleys and yes, sometimes even at car shows like Spocom Super Show in Anaheim, California!

Call me a nerd all you want... I decided to play a little Pokémon GO while at the show. Check out what I found:

1. Paras Hilton

Spocom Go - Tianna Gregory Lexus RCF

Professional model, Tianna Gregory, did not make it out to the event, but her orange Lexus RC-F did. Good thing a wild Paras appeared to model in her place.

2. Watch the Birdy!

Spocom Go - Sabrina Bing

Speaking of models, this lucky guy not only got a photo with Sabrina Bing, but a Pidgey too!

3. There is No Spoon

Spocom Go - Phaze 2 Porsche 997

This Abra only exists in Pokémon Go, which really means it doesn't exist. Just like how this isn't a Spoon Porsche 997.

4. Rock Crawler, Dude

Spocom Go - Jeep

Think how easy rock crawling would be if Pokémon were real. Just make sure the Geodude you're crawling over is one cool dude.

5. Don't be RAT-tled

Spocom Go - NSX

A wild Rattata appeared right next to Team Legacy. Don't get too close to Leon Casino's NSX or else it might attack!

6. 1 Sandshrew

Spocom Go - Toyota Crown

By now, everyone knows that Janet Fujimoto did a 2JZ swap in her classic Toyota Crown, but if you popped the hood at Spocom you might have found a 1-Sand-shrew instead.

7. Going Zubats

Spocom Go - Rocket Bunny tC

Everyone is going crazy over this game... I guess you could say they are all going Zubats!


Alright, it's time to turn off the game and get back to work. Stay tuned for our full coverage of Spocom's 10-Year Anniversary Super Show.


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