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Spy Photos of the Ram Rebel TRX Production Model: Raptor Killer?

The RAM Rebel TRX is fast—which really shouldn't be a surprise.

RAM Rebel TRX HellCat Motor 2020

We caught the latest RAM mule while it was being tested just outside of the SRT building in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Without question, it was easy to recognize the familiar Hellcat whine, and breakneck acceleration.

RAM Rebel TRX HellCat Motor 2020 rear three-quarter photo

In these photos the TRX mule has aftermarket rims and has ditched the frame rail support/bracket seen in earlier shots, and now has a sturdy-looking rear control arm. Look closely at some of the latest shots and note the internal bypass shocks and what appears to be the production ride height.

RAM Rebel TRX HellCat Motor 2020 rear wheel well detail photo

RAM debuted the Rebel TRX Concept at the State Fair Of Texas way back in 2016, and since then the TRX has been at the forefront of the minds of Mopar fans praying for a Raptor competitor. Our source familiar with the project has confirmed that the TRX will get the full-strength 707hp Hellcat, and not the detuned 575hp seen in the concept vehicle.

RAM Rebel TRX HellCat Motor 2020 front three quarter

Expect an official debut sometime in 2020.

Wonder what the original concept looked like? See our photos of the 2016 RAM Rebel TRX Concept, here.

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