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Take 5: A GMC Sierra Stormtrooper & a Jeep JK Named Jules

One of the greatest parts about working on a project build is the community of support that comes with it. Being able to share your latest modification or those vanity shots through social media is a great way like-minded enthusiasts can get connected, help each other out and simply receive the encouragement or inspiration they need to keep pursuing their passion.

Meet Chase Goodwin, owner of an '09 Sierra 1500 4x4 Crew Cab, and Coralee Lack, owner of a '12 Jeep Wrangler JK that she named "Jules" — two Instagram influencers we think are definitely worth following.

Chase Goodwin  |  @goodwin43

2009 GMC SIERRA SLE Z71 4x4


1. Best mod to your vehicle:

My favorite mod to the truck is the custom grille I made specifically for it.

custom grille on GMC Sierra @goodwin43

2. Favorite driving music:

I usually like to drive with rap music just because I like to showcase my stereo system.

3. Ugliest car ever made:

I'm with the typical crowd and have to say the Pontiac Aztec is the most hideous vehicle I've ever seen.

(Truck owner Billy Futey from our first Take 5 article would have to agree!)

4. Most used app (besides Instagram):


5. Next automotive adventure:

I'm hoping that my next automotive build will be a little more serious and higher quality — possibly trying to get into SEMA or another big show of that sort.

@goodwin43 then and now

As you can see from this "Then and Now" photo, Chase's GMC pickup has gone through some awesome transformations — from that undeniably sweet stance, to those Nitto Terra Grappler G2s, to the slick Stormtrooper trim. We're excited to see what's up next for this young builder. Find out more about the project and follow Chase's journey on Instagram (@goodwin43)!

Coralee Lack  |  @crawler_chick



1. Best mod to your vehicle:

This is difficult to answer because it takes so many mods to make the Jeep do the type of driving that I enjoy; but since I have to pick just one, it would have to be the Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top. I can quickly flip the top open to let the sun in or take the back windows out and use it in a bikini top configuration, which looks really cool.

@crawler_chick Bestop Trektop

(We also love Bestop's truck bed covers, too!)

2. Favorite driving music:

My favorite driving music is anything from Puscifer. Maynard is a genius!

3. Ugliest car ever made:

I could list a few ugly cars, but to me, the Nissan Cube is hands down the ugliest car ever made.

Nissan Cube

4. Most used app (besides Instagram):

Snapseed for photo editing

5. Next automotive adventure:

I try to get out and adventure in my Jeep as often as I can, but the next big adventure on the books is the 2017 Rebelle Rally, which is a 10-day all-women's off-road and navigation rally.


Maybe it's because she 'wheels in the most beautiful locations, or that we're big fans of those Nitto Trail Grapplers, but Coralee's photos always catch our eye in the sea of Jeeps on Instagram (@crawler_chick). But there's even more to this amazing off-roading lady than meets the eye. Learn what fuels Coralee's passion for adventure and let it inspire you, too!

Want to be featured in an upcoming Take 5? We're looking for more Instagram influencers with project vehicles running Nittos! If interested, send us an email:

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