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Take 5: A Pontiac Grand Am Named 'Caddywampus'

Have you ever had a build just sit in your garage, collecting dust and rust, as it waits forever on your project "to-do" list? Mike Brown's 1974 Pontiac Grand Am did just that — sat — for years. When he finally got around to rebuilding it, it took only a few short months to bring it back to life. Soon, the car was loaded with modifications, including an LSX swap and Nitto Tires (NT555Rs in the rear and NT555s in the front), ready to be taken on the drive of a lifetime. And although it took a while to get there, what matters is that it did.

Read on to find out more about Mike's build and the inspiration to behind it.

Mike Brown  |  @mikebrowncustoms

1974 Pontiac Grand Am

Grand Am

1.  What is the best mod to your vehicle?

I have done so many mods, but I would have to say the 6.0 LSX swap. It has a 6.0 030 ported PRC heads, Edelbrock Victor intake, Pro System 846 CFM carb, Comp Cam and a Induction Solutions Saturday night special plate kit. I have been driving the wheels off it. Drive it to the drag strip, race it and drive it home.

2.  Who/what has been the biggest influence on or inspiration for the build?

My father! He loved driving the car. The day he got diagnosed with terminal brain cancer he said his No. 1 thing he wanted to do was cruise it again. The car was completely disassembled in the back of my shop for nine years. Within a two-month period, we built the car and got him out for his last rides in it.


3.  What is your biggest car pet peeve?

Being a perfectionist with paint and body, I hate when people don't take the time on the engine bay and door jambs. 

4.  What is your favorite music to build or drive to?

I like all types of music, but I really like driving to good old AC/DC or some heavy metal when I am at the drag strip.

5.  What is your next automotive adventure?

I will be building a custom '67 Chevy Camaro convertible. The car is a frame off. We have already installed a built 383 blower motor and overdrive trans with a chrome 9 in Ford rear and air ride suspension. The car will be Ford Konia blue.

Grand Am on bridge

Mike owns his own customization shop in Ohio, so make sure to check out his other projects on Instagram @mikebrowncustoms.

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