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Take 5: Black Hawk Civic

The main reason we started our Take 5 series was to find an easy, unique way to show off the great builds we find on Instagram. You may scratch your head when you realize the questions we ask the owners are not really about their build (except for the "favorite mod" one). Why do we do that? Because you can find all that out on their Instagram. While we sometimes get a glimpse of their family, friends, food or the occasional selfie, it's mostly their build that project car owners post about — its progress and whatever new modification they've added — right?

Well, we wanted to know more. It's interesting to find that an American muscle car owner and an import owner share the same favorite car movie, or to see that one truck owner likes to listen to country music on his drives while another prefers rap. The diversity within each supposed car group as well as the similarities across them all are why we love the automotive world so much.

Moi  |  @blkh4wk

2014 Honda Civic Si

front view of @blkh4wk's '14 Honda Civic Si coupe

1. Best mod to your vehicle:

The TE37SL Black Edition 2 VOLK RACING Wheels, Buddy Club Racing Spec V2 Coilovers and Nitto NT05 Tires. I like the grip on the NT05s. I bought them once and have kept buying them ever since.

@blkh4wk '14 Civic Si Coupe

2. Favorite driving music:

Slipknot – "The Negative One," "The Devil in I," and "Surfacing," to name a few.

3. Favorite car movie:

"Need for Speed."

4. Favorite road to drive:

Angeles Crest Highway.

5. Next automotive adventure: 

I'm not done with my car yet, so for now, my Civic adventure continues.

rear side view of @blkh4wk's '14 Honda Civic Si coupe

It's about time to switch things up a little. Do you have any suggestions for new Take 5 questions? Let us know! Leave a comment or email us:

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