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Take 5: Doczilla's Liberty Walk GTR

It's people like Dr. JJ Dubec that make you wonder if you're in the right profession. He works a day job as a licensed physician, but he's known as "Doczilla" in the automotive world. Since his Liberty Walk GTR build went viral on Instagram a few years ago, JJ has built a community of like-minded enthusiasts, now known as F7LTHY.

@doczilla12 Liberty Walk GTR (Photo: @doczilla12)

Another build he has worked on was a Liberty Walk Ferrari 458. (Now the "F7LTHY" name really makes sense. Seriously. A Liberty Walk 458? Straight filth.) You may also recognize his Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, which he displayed recently at the SEMA Show.

@doczilla12 Jeep JK at SEMA 2016

Basically, JJ is an extremely multidimensional individual, so we jumped at the chance to get to know the doctor-turned-automotive-designer — at least, as much as we can know from five little questions.

Want to know more? Follow @doczilla12 on Instagram and find out for yourself! For now, Take 5:

JJ Dubec, M.D.  |  Vancouver  |  Liberty Walk GTR

@doczilla12 Liberty Walk GTR (Photo: @doczilla12)

1. Best mod to your vehicle:

The best mod to my vehicle would have to be the Ethanol Flex Fuel conversion and upgraded fuel delivery system. The modification uses an ECUTEK module specially dyno tuned to the vehicle, along with 1100 cc fuel injectors and upgraded fuel pumps, which permits the use of any blend of ethanol from 0 to 100 percent as the primary fuel source.

@doczilla12 Liberty Walk GTR (Photo: @doczilla12)

The gains in performance and horsepower are significant, and the fuel itself is an environmentally friendly alternative.

2. Favorite driving music:

Any available open stretches without distraction means I automatically crank up the tunes. I prefer it loud and at least 120 beats per minute. Electronic music usually wins the choice. Skrillex, DMNDZ or The Prodigy.

3. Ugliest car ever made:

The ugliest car ever made in my opinion may possibly go to the Citroen 2CV, or maybe the Fiat Multipla.

Fiat Multipla (Photo: Corvettec6r)

For hypercars, the ugliest one around currently would go to the Bugatti Veyron or Chiron. I just cannot seem to get over the toilet-bowl front grille of modern Bugattis. It possibly makes the Edsel roll in its grave.

Bugatti Chiron (Photo: Scuderri Ferrari)

4. Most used app (besides Instagram):

My most used app besides Instagram would likely be my Facebook app. The most addictive one for me currently is the PhotoFunia app.

5. Your next automotive adventure:

My next automotive adventure is two-fold. I'll be building a very cool 2017 Acura NSX project for SEMA 2017.

@doczilla12 2017 NSX (Photo: @doczilla12)

I will also be doing my first build together with Nakai-san of RAUH-Welt Begriff. The air-cooled 993 Porsche build with Nakai will be a project he and I will share, and we intend to make it very interesting! Keep an eye out for that one!

Make sure to follow JJ on Instagram, where he'll be posting regular updates!

You may remember another member of the F7LTHY crew from our first Take 5 story – Phillip LaVasseur (@f7lthy_s550).

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