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Take a Trip to JDM Dreamland: Daikoku PA [Gallery]

Daikokufuto PA (or Daikoku, for short) is a Japanese car culture mecca of sorts. After scrolling through online photo galleries and reading about the astounding variety and sheer number of cars that visit each weekend, some may question, “It can’t really be that amazing, can it?”

Daikoku PA

Like most American rest stops, there are refreshments and parking spots aplenty, but everyone knows that has nothing to do with why visitors from around the world make sure to stop by this man-made island in Yokohama Harbor. The enormous, sweeping ramps that corkscrew around the parking area to bring cars down to ground level act as an immediately recognizable backdrop to everything from USDM lowriders and Italian exotics to RAUH-Welt Porsches and JDM sportscars draped in iconic race liveries every weekend. Granted, the police step in when it gets too late or too full, and nobody likes to stay when the rain begins to pour, but this influx of cars still show up more reliably than those “Fri-yay” puns from your aunt on Facebook each week.

Daikoku PA

Visitors on the weekend really need to set aside an hour or two to watch as cars leave and new ones roll in like the tides in the harbor, but you can even spot gems in the lot throughout the week as well. There’s something about being immersed in a sea of Nissan Skylines, JCCS-worthy JDM legends and crazy neon light-laced showcars that blasts right past that "I-must-be-dreaming" level and straight to "I'm-definitely-dreaming" levels. All that being said, the answer to “It can’t really be that amazing, can it?” is a definite and resounding yes. So much, in fact, that it’s nearly impossible to catch it all.

Luckily, you can also check out our Facebook Live video from our visit below:

A huge thank you to Keisuke and TRUEFITCREW Japan for the transportation and warm welcome to Yokohama.

Make sure you catch our photo gallery at the top!

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