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Talking Shift_03: Lightning McNSX & Hillbilly Hellcat

This week on episode three of our weekly series Talking Shift, the NSX seems to be a popular topic, plus we get to see some great big trucks that could end up being great big failures. See for yourself!

Driving Line editors

(If you're a little lost, catch up on episodes one and two to see what Talking Shift is all about.)


1. Lighting McNSX

JUSTIN: Kachow! The NSX is one of the most iconic import cars, and it’s pretty exciting they are finally going to bring it back soon! Oh, and the Lighting McQueen Cars eyes just totally make the photo.

Lightning McNSX

KRISTIN: I’ll show you “Kachow”... (my pick, #7, up soon)
ALI: I’m more of a Tow Mater guy.
JONATHAN: It would’ve been way cooler if Lightning McQueen was actually an NSX!


2. Mirror, Mirror

JUSTIN: VW Bugs are cool. VW Beetles, not so much. And yes, there’s a difference. To be honest, I think I’m more amazed at the reflection than anything.


ALI: Every one of those I have ever sat in always smells like Crayons and throw up. It must be a German thing.
JONATHAN: I wish I had more hands, so I could give that Beetle four thumbs down.
KRISTIN: It almost looks like a yin/yang symbol... which reminds me of junior high, and I would have loooved this car in junior high. But then again that was only a few years after I got over the notion of planning to cover my car 100 percent in stickers.


3. Camo

ALI: It’s the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2. Currently, it’s a military proposal vehicle that is said to begin actual testing next year. Unless GM plans on doing significant powertrain upgrade to the mil-spec Colorado, I’m not so sure that it will prove to be especially durable when pushed to its limits. A 37-inch tire is a big ask for the Colorado. Hopefully, I am proven wrong. I want this thing to be a homerun.

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2

JUSTIN: Camouflaged hood. I almost didn’t see it.
JONATHAN: Will it be useful during the zombie apocalypse?
KRISTIN: Seriously? There’s a reason Chevy stands for Cheapest Heap Ever Viewed Yet.


4. Rebel TRX

ALI: Ram is calling its Rebel TRX concept an “engineering, design and consumer-interest study for an extreme performance half-ton pickup.” Meaning, hey, we could build killer pickups like this for you, but that’s probably not going to happen. Either way, I think this should give current Ram 1500 owners an idea of what could be done with their current pickup.

Ram Rebel TRX

JONATHAN: That’s okay, because I probably still wouldn’t want one even if Dodge was going to make one.
KRISTIN: It looks like the Raptor has put on a little bit of weight.
JUSTIN: I’m having a te-Rebel time thinking of something to say...


5. Dat Old Sun

JONATHAN: I’m a sucker for old Datsuns. Not so much the crazy camber/ultra wide wheels, and I’d be praying a train doesn’t roll through having parked it directly on top of the tracks. Nonetheless, a very cool shot of a 510 from Thailand.

Datsun 510

JUSTIN: Of course, you would “choo-choo-choose” this old Datsun.
ALI: I think it’s broken.
KRISTIN: #acrophobia 😂😂😂😂


6. Torque It, Girl

JONATHAN: I don’t think anyone in their right mind would allow me to tighten down their Porsche GT3’s centerlocking wheels, so it’s cool to see this girl getting to have the fun job!

Porsche GT3

JUSTIN: Torque, torque, torque, torque, torque!
ALI: I don’t own a tool box big enough to hold that. Reminder: Buy larger tool box. Next reminder: Ask for raise to pay for said tool box.
KRISTIN: Nhu’s super rad, we’re IG pals!


7. Crashing Crushing on an NSX

KRISTIN: Kachow! The best (worst) thing about this is the journalist claimed he lost control after getting stung by a bee! No, really… I wanted to learn more about the NSX other than the fact that it’s a “supercar” all the import peeps love. Fun fact #1: This photo. Fun fact #2: Y’all have been waiting a long time for this to come out! Who wants to test drive it with me?!?


JUSTIN: Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot….
ALI: Beez! That only worked for Chris Farley. RIP Chris Farley. RIP.
JONATHAN: A bee??!! This calls for one big SMH.


8. Hellbunny

KRISTIN: This one’s for you, Justin and Jonathan, I know how much you love your widebody kits. Ends up, the muscle car guys want in on that game too. What do you think? #rocketbunnyforever


JUSTIN: I see the wide part, but I think it’s missing the body part. Where them fenders at though?
ALI: Looks like a hillbilly Hellcat.
JONATHAN: Someone, at whatever tire shop installed those tires, is still laughing their ass off.


See us next week for the first LIVE episode of Talking Shift on Facebook!

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