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Talking Shift_04 LIVE: Cummins Cuties & Grocery-Getter

Welcome to episode 4 of our weekly series Talking Shift – our very first LIVE segment! If you didn't catch all our shift talking Live on Facebook, you can watch it in the video below:

1. Cummins Cuties

ALI: Our resident diesel truck expert Mike McGlothlin always comes back with the wildest diesel rigs from events. This dual Cummins engine setup is said to still be a work in progress, but I am dying to know how this is going to pan out.

dual Cummins engine

KRISTIN: That's a lot of torque in that engine.
JONATHAN: That's...what...she said?
KRISTIN: I'm not as familiar with diesel engines as other engines, but this looks like what I keep my coffee on my counter in. I want to lift up the lid and make some tea. So cute.
JUSTIN: You can call them cuties. Because there's two of them.


2. Grand-Slammed

JONATHAN: “Back in my day, we had to drive through snow, barefoot and up hills in order to lower our cars with springs. Millennials with your air suspension!”


(Photo: @wutcamber)

JUSTIN: Only in Georgia...
ALI: I can't believe it has a Georgia plate. That's more of a SoCal thing.
JUSTIN: For what it's worth, that parking does look like a SoCal person... Totally off the line right there.
KRISTIN: I would rather see that old guy driving in a car like this... Kind of like the "Two Grannies, One Lambo" video. That was so good.


3. Late Bloomer

KRISTIN: $990, a garage and a dream. This “Golden Rod” was built in 1952 to race Bonneville, and it’ll be roaring to life again this weekend at The Race of Gentlemen's first West Coast event. I can’t wait to hear it fire up and drag race down the seashore!

1952 Golden Rod

(Photo: Joe Fontaine)

ALI: Golden Rod. Isn't that what they used to call the car on SNL's cartoon skit "The Ambiguously Gay Duo"?
JONATHAN: A Golden Rod is coming out of hiding.
JUSTIN: Isn't "goldenrod" a flower? (It is.) I guess you could say it's blooming at The Race of Gentlemen.


4. So Much Shift

ALI: This was emailed to me by a friend. It shows what appears to be a late-model Ram with a steering column shifter and a console shifter. I don’t know why or how or if it’s just a Photoshop to annoy people, but it seems to be making its rounds on forums and other blog sites.

column shifter and console shifter

JUSTIN: Yo dawg, I heard you like to shift so we put a shifter next to your shifter so you can shift while you shift.
KRISTIN: My '55 Studebaker also has a column shifter and a floor shifter in it.
JONATHAN: Okay. So it's not as uncommon as we think.


5. Hurricane Matthew Prep

JUSTIN: How much do you love your daily driver? This guy drove his BMW E30 into this living room to protect it from Hurricane Matthew.


(Photo: @jalilsup)

KRISTIN: Who would park their car in their house? I would definitely—well, I kind of live in a garage, so I guess I already do.
JONATHAN: I would park my car in the house even if there was no impending trouble from Mother Nature.
ALI: Sea turtle.


6. No-Road Caddy

KRISTIN: You’d think when I say “Caddy,” I’m talking about a car with ridiculously big fins – but not this time! It’s a 1981 Volkswagen Caddy. I’m out of car space in my garage, but lately I keep toying with the idea of adding a pickup or off-road capable vehicle. This would serve neither of those purposes well, but it sure is cool!

1981 VW Caddy

(Photo: Bring a Trailer)

JONATHAN: That barely looks like it could stay on-road, never mind trying to go off-road...
ALI: No. Buy a Jeep.
JUSTIN: A VW Golf, a VW Caddy... I feel like we should all go hit the clubs in a little bit. And I don't mean party clubs. Sorry, Jonathan.
JUSTIN: To go golfing! It's all golf terms!


7. Grocery-Getter

JUSTIN: Haters will say it’s photoSHOP’d. The shopping cart is so amazing I completely forgot about the widebody 350Z in the back. I want to drive the shopping cart!

widebody 350z and shopping go-cart

KRISTIN: I would drive this at King of The Hammers before I would drive that other VW.
JONATHAN: I don't think I could fit inside the shopping cart.
ALI: I think I would have gone with a Lowe's shopping cart. They have more championships under their belts.


8. JDM-Approved Trailhunter

JONATHAN: Leave it up to our friends at Speedhunters to shock us with their SEMA project. Keith Charnovia’s FJ60 “Trailhunter” rendering is all sorts of awesome. I think this is pretty damn cool, and I don't normally find off-road vehicles that cool. But this is something I would totally drive.

Trailhunter on Nitto Ridge Grapplers

(Photo: @speedhunterskeith)

KRISTIN: You would drive this?
JONATHAN: I would totally drive this.
JUSTIN: I will hunt for this at SEMA.
ALI: Needs more stickers.


Talking Shift Editors

Stay tuned next week for another episode of Talking Shift. Make sure to "like" us on Facebook to be notified when we go LIVE!

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