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Talking Shift_05: A Babe, a Boat and a Box Walk Into a Bar...

There's so much we could say a-boat this. Let's get to shift talking:

Talking Shift Editors - Kristin Cline, Ali Mansour, Justin Pagtalunan


1. Babes Ride Out

KRISTIN: Babes on Bikes! Since I’ll be at Ultra4 this weekend instead of Babes Ride Out, I wanted to share how amazing this event is.

Kristin's pick via @babesrideout

(Photo: @babesrideout)

JUSTIN: That's a funny looking car.
ALI: Boots. She needs boots.


2. TROG Machine

KRISTIN: The Race of Gentlemen finally reached the West Coast after five years. You may joke about pre-war cars taking that long to make it across the U.S., but seeing and hearing these machines blaze down Pismo Beach this past weekend was amazeballs.

Kristin's pick - TROG West

JUSTIN: I rarely see these things running on the road. I’ve never seen these things racing!
ALI: OG beach buggy. I like it.


3. Keeping It Under Wraps

JUSTIN: Is this like the clear plastic Asian families leave on their couch and TV remotes? Speaking from experience. 

Justin's pick - Nissan Skyline with Nitto Tires in garage

(Photo: @__nissan_skyline__)

KRISTIN: Exactly. But have you seen the CarCapsule?
ALI: I prefer bubble wrap.


4. Ahoy, Miata!

JUSTIN: WheRRRe do I start? There’s so much to say a-boat this Miata. I know it’s a little weird, but I hope this build doesn’t steer you in the wrong direction about tuning cars in Japan.

Justin's pick - Mazda Miata with boat steering wheel

(Photo: @tetsuyagarage)

KRISTIN: Yo ho, yo ho, a Mazda life for me.
ALI: Arrrr! I wonder does he peg it to redline? At least it’s a stick shift. You think he gets a lot of booty with it?


5. Savage SRT

ALI: I saw this on Instagram. I believe it’s just an OD Green wrap with matte bronze wheels. That’s one of my favorite color combos, and it looks on point on the SRT Grand.

Ali's pick - OD Green SRT Grand Cherokee

(Photo: @savagesrt)

KRISTIN: If only there were some camo to go with it.
JUSTIN: Hey, I think that’s a Sonic’s Drive Thru! (Secrets out...I’ve been to Sonic’s late at night many times).


6. "Off-Roady" #Prom2018

ALI: This is floating around the interwebs over the past few days as what the next Jeep Wrangler (dubbed the JL) might look like. I hope they are wrong.

Ali's pick - Jeep JL

KRISTIN: Hey, it’s a box with wheels!
JUSTIN: Okay, I’m going to be that guy. It looks the same to me, except longer? It reminds me of those stretch Hummers that teens rent out during prom, just more off-roady.


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