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Taste the Rainbow with Custom Candy Cars at GNRS [Gallery]

There's not quite any other canvas so welcoming and widely used for custom candy paint then a classic car. At GNRS, while the big contenders were in the main hall competing for the AMBR award, every other hall of the Pomona Fairgrounds was filled with a rainbow of colors on every sort of car.

2016 gnrs custom cars kc img 4292

This custom 1959 Impala, "The Joe Roth '59," greeted you at the entrance of the Suede Palace.

2016 gnrs custom cars kc img 4251

Matt Beal's 1959 Chevrolet Sedan displays various custom body modifications and a variety of custom paint work.

2016 gnrs custom cars kc img 4202

Mooneyes has long been recognized by their eye-catching, bright yellow paint jobs. This coupe also sports their iconic "moon discs."

2016 gnrs custom cars kc img 4377

"The Gypsy Jewel" 1960 T-Bird by Eric Erickson dazzled with it's intricate candy and flake paint styled after Larry Watson's iconic panel/scallop style.

2016 gnrs custom cars kc img 4269

Car clubs like the Dead Sleds gather around a particular style of classic car build. 

2016 gnrs custom cars kc img 4210

The candy purple paint highlights the lines on this Thunderbird by Austin Speed Shop, topped off with some lace paneling on top.

The sky's the limit when it comes to paint! Show us your favorite paint styles in the comments below.


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