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The 10 Year Club: 5 Future Classics From '09 to Buy Now

When it comes to desirable enthusiast cars, we’ve all noticed the recent boom in performance and specialty vehicles from the ‘80s and ‘90s, but what about from the decade that came after that? In particular, cars that are about 10 years old today.

Typically, a 10-year-old car is kind of a no-mans land when it comes to desirability. They aren’t quite new enough to be modern, and not quite old enough to be classics. In the case of cars from the late 2000s, many of them just missed out on the advanced technology that make today’s cars so impressive. Even so, there are still plenty of cars from the late 2000s that are well on their way to becoming genuine classics, and we’ve rounded up five of them right here.

1. Honda S2000

By 2009, the Honda S2000 was already a decade old. In fact, ‘09 was the last year that Honda’s two-seat roadster was produced, and many consider the later cars to be the most desirable, particularly the rare CR model.

Future Collector Cars Honda S2000

If you were looking to buy an S2000 at the bottom of its depreciation curve, you’ve likely already missed out, but that doesn’t mean a clean example of an S2000 still isn’t a good buy that is likely to appreciate in coming years.

Future Collector Cars Honda S2000 Rear

With its screaming naturally aspirated VTEC engine, the S2000 was unlike anything that came before or after it. Even if Honda does decide to bring back the nameplate in the future, a new S2000 will likely be a completely different animal.

Future Collector Cars Honda S2000 Interior

2. E90 & E92 BMW M3

Now we move to another high revving, naturally aspirated machine from the late 2000s: the E90 and E92 chassis BMW M3, a car that we have to imagine is nearing the bottom of its depreciation curve.

Future Collector Cars BMW E90 M3

Although it’s just one generation removed from the current M3 and M4, this car's 4.0L V8 delivers a vastly different driving experience and a sound that's all its own. Whether you are looking for a track weapon or just a weekend cruiser, the M3 is a stout choice.

Future Collector Cars BMW E90 M3 Interior

Perhaps most importantly, as we move into a world where turbochargers and electrification are the norm, it’s very unlikely that we’ll ever see a car like the E90 again. That’s always a huge part of what makes something a classic.

Future Collector Cars BMW E90 M3 Engine

3. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Back in 2009 we didn’t know that Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X would be the last iteration (at least as we know it) of Mitsubishi’s iconic rally-bred rocketship, but that didn’t stop the Evo X from becoming a highly sought after enthusiast vehicle.

Future Collector Cars Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Now even with the earlier examples more than a decade old, Evo X's still fetch a premium, especially if they are clean and relatively stock. Even in the face of newer, more modern cars like Focus RS and Golf R, the Evo still enjoys a loyal following.

Future Collector Cars Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Side

With its hard switch toward SUVs and electrified vehicles, the chances of Mitsubishi ever bringing back the Evolution are slim. That means that the value of well-kept Evo X's should only rise as it takes on the title of “the last of the Evos.”

Future Collector Cars Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Rally

4. Pontiac G8 GT & GXP

2009 was a sad year, as it saw the demise of the Pontiac brand, and the Australian-built G8 sedan has already gone down in history as one of the last great Pontiacs thanks to its rear-wheel drive layout and V8 engine.

Future Collector Cars Pontiac G8 GT

For 2009 the G8 was actually offered with two different V8 options, a 6.0 making 360hp in the GT model and 6.2 making 415hp in the even hotter GXP version.

Future Collector Cars Pontiac G8 GT Rear

The six-speed manual version of the G8 GXP became an instant cult favorite, and its scarcity has always kept demand and prices high. As the cars of the late 2000s eventually become collectible, the G8 GXP may become an even hotter commodity.

Future Collector Cars Pontiac G8 GT Front

5. Toyota Tacoma XRunner

These days with high-riding overland and adventure trucks being all the rage, it’s easy to forget the era of the sport truck, vehicles designed to combine the practicality of a pickup with the road performance of a traditional car.

Future Collector Cars Toyota Tacoma XRunner

One of the most interesting of these was the Toyota Tacoma XRunner, which featured unique bodywork, lowered suspension, a limited slip differential and a six-speed manual transmission mated to its 4.0L V6.

Future Collector Cars Toyota Tacoma XRunner Side

Like all Tacomas, the XRunner has held its value extremely well, and its rarity and uniqueness will likely make it a desirable option once the nostalgia for the late 2000s inevitably sets in.

Future Collector Cars Toyota Tacoma XRunner Interior

When exactly that happens is anyone’s guess, but even right now any of the above five decade-old vehicles will be welcomed in most enthusiast garages.

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