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The Best from All ToyotaFest 23 [Gallery]

Whew! May has been a busy month in the car scene! June’s already shaping up much the same, so rather than stretch your attention spans to the point of breaking, we’re going to help you keep it together and give you just the need-to-knows (as well as a massive gallery!) from this year’s All Toyotafest at Long Beach.

2018 TORC All ToyotaFest 23 lifted Toyota pickup trucks

First and foremost, All ToyotaFest began life as a meet for the Toyota Owners and Restorers Club (TORC) of pre-1896 Toyotas 23 years ago. Today, it's moved to a much bigger venue (Long Beach’s Marina Green Park) and includes any and all Toyota-family vehicles—Lexus and Scion included.

2018 TORC All ToyotaFest 23 yellow Pandem flared widebody Scion FR-S Toyota 86

This year’s festivities in part honored Corolla owners, restorers and tuners, helping pave the way for the release of the forthcoming 2019 Toyota Corolla. To further celebrate, Toyota gave attendees the opportunity to drive a six-speed automatic or manual version through a nearby ride-and-drive autocross course spanning roughly the same footprint as the Formula Drift Long Beach course.   

2018 TORC All ToyotaFest 23 2019 Toyota Corolla ride and drive

Whether you’re into turbo/3SGTE-swapped Starlets, 1000hp Supras, sky-jacked or slammer Hiluxes, overlanding Land Rovers, outlaw Boso-themed Cressidas or just about anything from sibling brands Scion and Lexus, you would’ve found something to lust over at this year’s All ToyotaFest. Flip through the gallery above to see a bit of everything!

2018 TORC All ToyotaFest 23 Bosozoku styled Toyota Cressida heart shaped exhaust

This isn't the only show we've been to recently. We also saw all the amazing BMWs at Bimmerfest!

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