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The Civic Type R Prototype Is Here... And It Is F'in' Glorious

Here's a vehicle we've been waiting on Honda to unleash for some time now, and it finally debuted at the Paris Motor Show this week. Wearing the prestigious badge of honor as its predecessors did, the new Civic Type R Prototype brings promise of the type of performance cars that once ruled the top of Honda's kingdom, and this 5-door hatchback is already looking like it will complete said mission.

driving line civic type r prototype 04

driving line civic type r prototype 03

Honda says a final production version will be ready for 2017, joining the Sedan, Coupe and Hatchback in the existing 10th generation Civic family, with an Si model to also come next year.

driving line civic type r prototype 08

Easily the most aggressively-styled CTR to date, it's been fitted with proper aero (check the front carbon splitter, hood scoop, carbon side skirts, rear carbon diffuser, roof vortex generators), traditional/iconic red "H" emblem, smoked LED headlights and wrapped with a brushed aluminum-effect finish. It also sports 20" black alloys as well as a triple center exit exhaust (yes, functioning!).

driving line civic type r prototype 01

The CTR is a joint collaboration between Honda R&D's European and Japanese teams and will be manufactured at Honda UK's Swindon plant.

driving line civic type r prototype 07

driving line civic type r prototype 05

(Photos: Courtesy of Honda)

Learn more about the Civic Type R prototype and receive exclusive updates from Honda's corporate site.

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