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The EcoSlab: 2018 Ford F150 Wide Body Pickup Truck

Looking outside the current fads for inspiration is how people like Landon Smith are able to create vehicles that are unlike any other. And that spirit is one thing that we need more of in car culture, as many enthusiasts gravitate towards one or two popular trends. For example, fans of custom trucks rarely crossover to liking imports or vice versa. So, if you really want to break barriers and get noticed in a car scene, being diverse can really help you get there.

Rear of Landon Smith's Widebody Ford F150

Landon Smith is the type of car nut that can appreciate just about anything on wheels. Inspired by older family members who were into cars, he had a desire to customize early on. His list of past vehicles include an off-road Jeep and a speedy Subaru WRX. Looking for more variety, he picked up this F150 new in 2018 and quickly an idea formed in his mind about how to create something different with it.

Landon Smith driving his Widebody Ford F150

Having Fun with an F150

While searching the marketplace for aftermarket parts for the truck, he came across the Ultimate Fun-Haver RTR Raptor. Back in 2015, seasoned professional drift car driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. built a Raptor SuperCrew to slide around on various surfaces and take on jumps as well. The Fun-Haver became the prototype for the RTR F150 package that was made available to select dealerships.

Front of Rear of Landon Smith's Widebody Ford F150

With a bit of inspiration, Landon came up with the idea to use some of the RTR parts and create a stanced, wide body look on his truck. Wanting to make his vision a reality, Landon hit up Vaughn and he responded by introducing him to the RTR team. From there he was able to get his hands on a set of RTR fender flares and front grille with signature LED accent vent lights.

Stance is Everything

Getting the stance correct, Landon ordered a Crown Suspension 3/5-inch drop with front coil springs and a rear axle flip kit. Next was a set of 22x12 Xtreme Force XF-2 wheels with -44 offset to create a wider footprint.

Wheels and NT420S tires on Landon Smith's Widebody Ford F150

The rollers were then covered in 305/40R22 Nitto NT420S tires with sidewall stickers to complete the look. The tires not only have the right appearance, but the non-symmetrical tread design has large outer blocks for increased surface area to contact with the road for improved handling which Landon tests on a regular basis.

Tuned Twin-Turbo EcoBoost Engine

Like all RTR vehicles, this truck has better performance than factory-built versions. With 325hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, the 2.7L EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 engine is quite stout from the get-go.

2.7L EcoBoost engine in Ford F150 Truck

Getting more out of it, Landon boosted the performance with use of a Brew City Boost tune and E85 fuel. To load the tune and monitor boost, an HP Tuners nGauge touchscreen tuning unit was installed and mounted inside the cab.

Gauges on Landon Smith's Widebody Ford F150

What's in a Name?

With a concrete-like paint color, distinctive new look, and hopped-up EcoBoost engine, Landen named this truck the EcoSlab.

Landon Smith's Widebody Ford F150 on the road.

Though it strays from the norm in the lowered truck scene, this F150 has proved that mashing up styles can make for a winning combination.

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