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The Face-Off is Here: Dragon Slayer Meets Red Dragon


The ULTRA4 4 Wheel Parts Nitto Nationals are finally here - which means that Shannon Campbell's new car the "Dragon Slayer" will have it's very first face-off against Loren Healy's "Red Dragon". Shannon's newly finished "Dragon Slayer" is aimed at taking out Healy, who spent the 2014 Championship year breathing fire down each of his competitor's backs and going undefeated from the time the Red Dragon hit the tracks to the end of last season where he won not only the National Championship but also East and West titles as well. If you got a chance to watch Campbell face off against Healy at last year's Nationals, then you've had a chance to see some of the best racing in Ultra4's history. With Campbell coming at Loren with even more horsepower and improved handling in the "Dragon Slayer" this year, fans are eager with anticipation to see who will come out on top. During today's qualifying runs, Shannon Campbell got a leg up with a time of 1:29.7 to Loren Healy's 1:30.9. Although just over a second separates the two, Campbell holds 2nd while Healy holds 6th position for race day. Starting off in pole position for the Ultra4 Nationals is Gary Ferravanti Sr. with a time of 1:28.3. Watch the video below to see Shannon's new "Dragon Slayer" in action during qualifying and be sure to tune in to ULTRA4 Racing LIVE for Saturday's big event!

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