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The Fun Is Back: Toyota Plans New Performance Line

According to a report from Automotive News, next month Toyota will debut a new line of sports cars for the Japanese market. Since Nissan's announcement a couple months ago about plans to expand its range of Nismo-branded vehicles geared towards enthusiasts, it seems that Toyota might be following along with a similar strategy of their own.

Toyota Yaris racing

No details have been announced, but it could be an evolution of the existing GRNM line, which was inspired by Toyota's Gazoo Racing efforts in Europe.

blue Camry

Toyota has really been trying to shed its image as a company that only builds transportation appliances, and this could be another step in the right direction. We've already seen the debut of a more exciting Camry, and earlier this year the European market saw the introduction of a turbocharged hot hatch-based off the current Yaris. It's also natural to think the long-anticipated Supra revival could be a great starting off point for the division.

Toyota Yaris

One would also expect the new brand to leave its mark on the Toyota 86 — whether it's the existing model or the second generation of the rear-drive coupe — which has yet to be confirmed for production.

red Toyota 86

We'll have wait to see what the brand will offer and if it will make its way outside of Japan, but either way this should give Toyota fans something to be excited about.

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