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Yes, Please: Nissan to Expand NISMO Road Car Lineup

There was time during the early 1990s when Nissan ruled the performance car world. Whether it was the supercar-beating Skyline GT-R, the rear-drive Silvia, muscular 300ZX, the budget-friendly Sentra SE-R or any other number of exciting models, in the eyes of enthusiasts it felt like the company could do no wrong. These days that's not quite the case.

2017 nismo expansion 02

Yes, the GT-R is still a world-beater, and the aging 370Z is still a decent drive, but for the most part today's Nissan seems much more focused on crossover SUVs and basic transportation then on cars that get an enthusiast's heart racing. But there's a chance that could be changing.

2017 nismo expansion 03

This week Nissan announced it has established a new business unit to grow its NISMO road car lineup in markets across the world. While this doesn't necessarily mean we'll see all new performance-oriented models from Nissan, it does mean we should at least be seeing more high performance NISMO versions of existing Nissans.

2017 nismo expansion 01

Here in the U.S. we've already seen a taste of this with the new turbocharged Sentra NISMO. It might not be the GTI or Focus ST killer that some were hoping for, but it's certainly a step in the right direction as it joins existing NISMO versions of the GT-R, 370Z and JUKE SUV.

2017 nismo expansion 06

Time will tell what exactly this means for car enthusiasts and longtime Nissan fans, but it's a welcome development. We can't help but think the perfect way to kickstart the NISMO global takeover would be to revive the canceled NISMO IDx Concept we were all teased with a few years back.

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