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Toyota Blacks Out Their Off-Road Lineup

It seems like more and more people want things in black these days. Whether it’s the glut of all-black sports uniforms or tinted out windows, the darker the better. Toyota is hopping on this trend by offering new customization packages for the 4Runner, Tacoma and Tundra that include black accents all over, from the interior to the wheels. Called the 4Runner Nightshade, Tacoma SX and Tundra SX, they offer offroad enthusiasts a stealthier option for nighttime ‘wheeling.

The 4Runner Nightshade is the most comprehensive of the bunch. It adds black accents to the front and rear bumper spoilers, mirrors, handles, window moldings, rocker panels, door garnish, roof rails, badging, grille slots and exhaust tip. It also comes with black 20-inch wheels.

Toyota 4Runner Nightshad

The inside has been given the blacked-out treatment, too, with the steering wheel, center console, shifter and inner door grips all offered in black.

Toyota 4Runner Nightshade Interior

The Tacoma SX gets fewer options, but still enough to keep with the black theme. It comes with black badging, overfenders, mirror caps, grille, handles and headlamps. It also gets black wheels, though its are only 16 inches.

Toyota Tacoma SX

The Tundra SX, the last of the group, takes a different approach to the all-black treatment. Like the others, it comes with black wheels and a few other black exterior parts, like the grille and bumpers.

Toyota Tundra SX

It differs, however, in how all of its exterior badging, aside from the logo on the grille and Tundra on the back, has been removed, and in how it has comfier front bucket seats.

Toyota Tundra Interior

With how popular both Toyotas and the blacked-out look are, we’re sure that we’ll see some of these out on the road, or off it, very soon.

Photos courtesy of Toyota.

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