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'Twas the Night Before Christmas: A Gearhead Story

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the streets
Few vehicles were stirring, except for the Jeep
That my brother was driving, like he didn’t even care
About the snow-covered roads and ice everywhere.

When we approached a steep hill, the situation seemed dire —
Just kidding, not a problem; the Jeep’s on Nitto Tires.
Thank goodness for Grapplers with quality traction and tread.
We made it home in time for dinner, like Mother said.

Fast forward to midnight: everyone was asleep,
When all of a sudden — beeeep! beeeep! beeeep!
It came from the garage! Out of bed Dad sprang,
Afraid someone was trying to steal his Mustang.

We opened the garage door to see what was the matter;
Everything appeared to be fine, when we heard a great clatter.
It came from the rooftop! So outside we flew
To a sight our eyes couldn’t believe to be true.

I'm not crazy — it was Santa! I know it sounds weird,
But we knew who it was once we saw that white beard.
"My apologies!" he exclaimed, "I mean you no harm!
"I did not intend to set off the alarm!

"I have your gift up here, but your chimney’s too narrow...”
(Too narrow?) He chuckled, “ fit this CAMARO!
And there it was, on the rooftop; it looked pristine.
It was the most beautiful sight my eyes had ever seen.

The Chevy was red with white racing stripes.
(Imagine something different, if that ain't your type.)
I couldn't stop staring at its moonlight silhouette.
This was, by far, my best present yet.

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!"
Santa shouted farewell, as he flew out of sight.
After the jolly man left, I didn't want to go to bed.
Visions of mods wouldn't stop dancing in my head.

When I finally fell back to sleep (it took me an hour),
I dreamt of an open road and some extra horsepower.
So take it or leave it — I don't have any proof,
But that, friends, is why there are tread marks on my roof.
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