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VW Brings the Rainbow With 40 Color Choices for the 2019 Golf R

As great as the selection of modern cars and trucks is, most brands are severely lacking when it comes to color choices. For many models, you can only choose from black, white, a few shades of gray and perhaps your traditional blue or red. Volkswagen, though, is looking to change things up with the Spektrum color options for the 2019 Golf R.

VW Golf R Green

Already available for customers in other markets, including our friends to the north in Canada, the Spektrum Program allows customers to choose from a palette of 40 different paint colors for their 2019 Golf R.

VW Golf R Blue

You can still get a Golf R in the standard colors for no charge, but a custom color from the Spektrum Program will add an extra $2,500 to the cost. (Canadian prices are shown in the image below.)

VW Golf R Options

While $2,500 certainly isn't chump change, given the choice of unique colors like TNT Orange and Viper Green, we're guessing many buyers will spring for the option and wait the couple of extra months for delivery.

VW Golf R Orange

Given the endless stream of boring-colored cars we see today, we are very excited to see VW introduce the Spektrum Program to the US market and hope that they'll start offering it on other models as well.

VW Golf R Yellow

Even moreso, we hope that other car makers will follow VW's lead and introduce custom color options for their cars, or at least consider expanding their color offerings beyond an extremely limited number of choices. Bring on the colors!

Once you get your Golf, what do you do with it? We've spent some time upgrading ours.

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