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Werks Reunion: Amelia Island [Gallery]

The Werks Reunion event is an all-Porsche gathering organized by the Porsche Club of America held in concurrence with the Amelia Island Concours D'Elegance. Consisting of both model-specific corrals and a judged portion, the gathering is billed as a chance for enthusiasts to show off their pride and joy rather than an intense Concours-style competition.

Werks Reunion Porsche Rear

The Porsche 356 group greeted spectators at the entrance, featuring several immaculately restored examples. This 1956 model was a 356 A, which represented the first major update of the classic sports car. 

Werks Reunion Porsche Interior

Other 356 models went a different route, opting for the rougher Outlaw aesthetic popular with older air-cooled Porsche models. The stickers on the window show that this 356 is quite the traveler!

Porsche Stickers

Of course, the majority of the models on display were the ever-popular 911 models. With a history beginning in 1963, the car is an icon for multiple generations and need only contend with a handful of other cars to be considered the most important marque of all time. 

Werks Reunion Porsche Front

This particular G-Series 911 had been modified in an OEM-plus style, featuring projector headlights and well-fitted BBS RS wheels. 

Werks Reunion Porsche White

Of the many other Porsche models present, this replica of the Rothmans Dakar-Paris rally car was mind-blowing. Seeing one of these in person, even if it wasn't the "real-deal," was quite the experience.

Werks Reunion Porsche Rally

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